preview rack: avatar young blaze “from russia with love”

avatar young blaze is pretty much seattle’s young jeezy. he rocks a slow, slurred, style-heavy flow over club ready beats. now hold on a sec. before you write him off as a mainstream-wannabe gangsta cornball, give his new mixtape a listen. born in russia, raised in seattle, avatar young blaze has been a fixture in seattle battle-rap circles for years, where i’ve been told (by kzuu concert vet BMC) that this kid has destroyed dudes twice his age.

“from russia with love” picks up where last years “warm blooded, cold hearted” left off: inner-city raps about guns, drugs, and being a “boss” and a “gangsta”. played-out? definitely. but you don’t have to take this stuff seriously to appreciate avatar’s wit, style, and knack for a hook. avatar got some love from national players on this one with super-producer the alchemist (dilated peoples, mobb deep, nas) contributing some really catchy club beats. rick ross, young jeezzy? nah, avatar young blaze. GET IT STUBBLEFIELDS!


avatar young blaze – “from russia with love”

new video for “zone out”. the vodka shooting chess match is awesome.



no age – “losing feeling” video

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two mice scurry around a house until a transformation occurs…a totally kick-ass transformation.

“losing feeling” is the title track off of the bands sub pop EP released earlier this month. find it in the preview rack and play it. not a suggestion, an order.


Preview Rack: The King Khan & BBQ Show – “Invisible Girl”

You may know King Khan from his extravagant live shows with his hundred-member band, The Shrines (that number is inexact, but I think it’s somewhere around there). THAT band plays big, loud epic rock/funk/soul jams. You can find his two albums, What Is?! and The Supreme Genius of King Khan & The Shrines in the KZUU library and on the audio computer.

Now, Khan returns to his roots and teams up once again with Mark Sultan (the BBQ of the band name) to create a stripped-down version of the Shrines on the album Invisible Girl. This is actually like their third or fourth album, and it’s simply incredible. Khan slides seamlessly among Iggy Pop-, Mick Jagger-, and Sam Cooke (!)-style vocals. Tracks “I’ll Be Loving You,” “Third Ave,” and “Tryin'” actually come close to being beautiful as he apes Cooke’s soulful croon, but those tender moments are immediately rent apart by songs like “Tastebuds,” which includes the following poetry: “Tastebuds on my cock / Now let me love you baby ’round the clock / Tastebuds on your cunt / So you can lick my booty from the front / Tastebuds on your shit / So you can taste the nugget on my prick / Tastebuds on my nuts / So I can taste up inside your butt.” Ha, I guess it’s all a bit tongue-in-cheek, so to speak.

The King Khan & BBQ Show is a refreshing blast of unpretentious, unabashed rock ‘n’ roll energy. As you can see from the pictures below, the man knows he’s crass but embraces the aesthetic and the whole package comes across as endearing and kinda sexy. Invisible Girl is 100% about having a good time and letting loose. Check them out, play them on your show, feel the love.


UPDATE: a respectful commenter has brought it to my attention that Khan and Mark Sultan (BBQ) split vocal duties. Currently looking into this. Probably won’t bother updating again.

U.S.E. “LOVEWORLD” … where my party people at??


Man oh man, if you’re a fan of upbeat electronic dance music, then check out United State of Electronica’s new album, LOVEWORLD!  This Seattle-based group has perfected the use of the autotune with its new and catchy sing-a-long album — so T-Pain & Weezy, watch out! — y’all could learn a thing or two from U.S.E.!  I think it’s nearly impossible to listen to U.S.E.’s LOVEWORLD and not catch yourself nodding your head and jamming out to it; I dare you to try, I dare you!  Every track on the album has the classic U.S.E. sound, and no track disappoints.  Personally, I’m a big electronic dance fan, but this album is for anyone & everyone!  So where my party people at?!  Go check out LOVEWORLD!

In the meantime, here’s a video for the song “K.I.S.S.I.N.G” off the new album LOVEWORLD… enjoy.

Kisses, Val

Check out more of U.S.E. here!

new madvillain album in “works”, hip-hop heads rejoice

the back of 2004’s masterpiece madvillainy read:

mf doom: rhymes

madlib: beats

and that was that. two of the most prolific and creative forces in hip-hop—underground or otherwise—penned a classic over bong rips and jazz records.

so when pitchfork caught wind of the mysterious duo’s recent activity, i almost pee’d my pants. according to p4k’s report madvillain are working on the follow-up to their debut collaboration. there is no release date but mos def and tv on the radio’s david sitek are rumored to be contributors. not surprising as upon the release of madvillainy the entire indie community instantly declared it to be the savior of indie-rap (as if they knew better). personally, i just want to hear doom and madlib, i don’t know what the white bro from tv on the radio is going to add, other than played-out atmospherics.

to my hip-hop djs: go scour the library for madvillian madvillainy and remind kzuu listeners of a classic.

while you wait here is stones throw dj j-rocc working some new madvillain material into a recent set:

via pitchfork


KZUU Top 30 — 10/26

Now that I have access to the logs from the computer, I’ll be posting the KZUU top 30 every Monday evening. Check in to see what you and your fellow DJs are liking from week to week.

1. The XX — XX
2. Dead Man’s Bones — Dead Man’s Bones
3. Yarn Owl — Stay Warm
4. Ah Holly Fam’ly — Reservoir
5. Fruit Bats — The Ruminant Band
6. Lake — Let’s Build a Roof
7. Neon Indian — Psychic Chasms
8. The Avett Brothers — I and Love and You
9. Monsters of Folk — Monsters of Folk
10. Sufjan Stevens/Osso — Run Rabbit Run
11. Flight of the Conchords — I Told You I Was Freaky
12. Why? — Eskimo Snow
13. Wild Beasts — Two Dancers
14. Alec Ounsworth — Mo Beauty
15. Girls — Album
16. Built to Spill — There Is No Enemy
17. Noah and the Whale — The First Days of Spring
18. Phantogram — EP
19. Sissy Wish — Beauties Never Die
20. No Age — Losing Feeling EP
21. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart — Higher Than the Stars EP
22. Fuck Buttons — Tarot Sport
23. The Dodos — Time to Die
24. Echo and the Bunnymen — The Fountain
25. The Flaming Lips — Embryonic
26. Imaad Wasif — The Voidist
27. Air — Love 2
28. Mew — No More Stories
29. Sea Wolf — White Water, White Bloom
30. The Clientele — Bonfires on the Heath

Evan, your friendly KZUU Music Director

2k10 belongs to avi buffalo

fresh out of high school and onto the sub pop roster? that shit doesn’t happen outside of your day dreams in algebra class when your crappy high school band stops playing maiden covers and starts touring with modest mouse. la’s avi buffalo has that “wise beyond his years” thing going on something serious. the 18-year old has a ridiculous knack for rock/pop composition, showing he has listened to more than enough neil young and beach boys records. he can sing, man can he sing, and the guitar is likely to put lead guitarists ten years his elder back into the bedroom for some scale practice.

dig on “summer cum” and “where’s your dirty mind” off his myspace, shimmering acoustic pop with more than enough wit and style. i heard avi buffalo opened for beach house in seattle a few weeks ago which probably left beach house muttering “damn” as they walked to the stage. his debut album is slated for a spring release on sub pop.

in the meantime check out his first single “what’s in it for”. i can’t describe it any better than la times writer jeff weiss who calls it an “irrepressibly catchy slice of Shins-esque jangle pop just waiting to be snagged for a crucial contretemps in a Michael Cera vehicle.” touche sir.

thanks to passion of the weiss.