MP3s: King Felix & Mother Nature’s Orchestra

This new track from Laurel Halo‘s minimal house side-project King Felix appeared on a London Olympics themed tape series called Go For the Gold. The pulsating beat and choppy samples are a welcome diversion following the excellent, yet more ambient, Quarantine, which she dropped earlier this year.

Also, check out a track from London producer Mother Nature’s Orchestra. “You Are My” emulates waves crashing via some crunchy claps and percussion. If you’re into it, the rest of the songs on his Soundcloud are equally impressive.



Wild Nothing – Nocturne

Two years after releasing Gemini, Jack Tatum of the shoegazey dream pop band Wild Nothing is now about to release his sophomore album, Nocturne. The 80s influence is little more pronounced in this album than it was in his previous one. I couldn’t help but be reminded of The Cure while listening to it which, I don’t know about you, but in my case that’s a good thing because I can never get enough of The Cure! The songs are up-beat and catchy while the vocals are soft and dreamy, keeping that same laid-back vibe of his previous work. The nostalgic feel of the album is perfect to listen to on those warm sunny days.


Below is Nocturne’s the opening track “Shadow”.