THEEsatisfaction – awE naturalE

8 / 10

THEEsatisfaction has put out an album that I can listen to over and over again. Their two soulful voices on each track seamlessly flow together and relax you with every one. This has been my most highly anticipated album of the year and it didn’t disappoint.

– Brittany

Recommended tracks: “Enchantruss”, “B**ch”, “QueenS”


Grynch – Perspective


8 / 10

Grynch is a KZUU favorite and this new drop is nothing less than great. The range of different beats and styles of hip-hop in the album lock you in for a full listen through the album. I had the chance to interview Grynch the day he dropped the album and he remarked that it was his most complete work yet. I would have to agree. He addresses a lot of what we all think about every day but never want to say out loud…or put in a rap.

Check out the interview!

– Brittany

Recommended tracks: “Final Bow (Ft. Thig Nat)”, “Drowning”, “I’m Good (Ft. Sol)”

Labyrinth Ear – Apparitions

Labyrinth Ear - Apparitions

8 / 10

Trust me, this London outfit deserves every bit of exposure they’ve gotten from the release of their second EP. It manages to fuse all the best elements of Swedish electro (think CEO) with witch house, without sounding gimmicky or familiar. Pitchfork calls them “synth-pop”, but I don’t think one genre does them justice–repetitive lyrics and tribal-inspired beats will carry you from “Amber” to “Humble Bones” as if you’re in a drug-induced dream state. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be salivating for a full-length by the time you make it to the end.


Recommended Tracks: “Goya”, “Amethyst Days”