2 Hott: Small Black – “New Chain”


Here’s a band I’m sure all you chilly wavers out there will enjoy: Small Black. You might remember them from their single this summer, “Despicable Dogs.” Here are the vitals Adam has to offer:

-Brooklyn based
-Founders o’ chillwave (along with like how many gazillion others, though?)
– More retro and pop than their chillwave peers

Basically, it sounds like Rick Astley.

…That is, if Rick Astley wore plaid and whatnot. Nobody can deny sleepy music that inspires mixed emotions (Am I sad? Does this make me joyful?), all the while being dancey as heck, even if it’s just that stunted indie-kid dancing where you shrug your shoulders and shake your head while staring at the floor. Good times, KZUU. Look for it in the preview rack this week.


Here’s Small Black playing their hit “Never Gonna Give You Up”:

Just kidding! That was the original hipster, Rick Astley. Here’s Small Black with “Search Party”: