What’s New @ KZUU: 1/31/11

New adds for the week of 1/31/11:

#11 John Vanderslice – White Wilderness

#49 The Dears – Degeneration Street

#73 Fergus & Geronimo – Unlearn

#92 James Blake – James Blake

#101 Cut Copy – Zonoscope

#104 Cloud Nothings – Cloud Nothings

Removed albums:

Cloud Nothings – Turning On (moved to music library)

Deerhunter – Halcyon Digest (moved to Staff Picks)

Junip – Fields (moved to Staff Picks)

S. Carey – All We Grow (moved to Staff Picks)

Stornoway – Beachcomber’s Windowsill (moved to Staff Picks)

The Walkmen – Lisbon (moved to Staff Picks)

Women – Public Strain (moved to Staff Picks)


KZUU Top 30: 1/28/11

These are the kind of charts I like to see! A good combination of new music and KZUU favorites make up the top charts this week. Last week’s #1, No Age falls five spots to #6, “Band of the Week” Minks debuts at #4 and this week’s #1 is Ducktails!

Matthew Mondanile (who also plays guitar in the awesome psych-surf band Real Estate) released his newest album earlier this month. Titled Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics, it does really remind you of pumping quarters into a skee ball machine in a noisy arcade. It’s got a lo-fi home recorded vibe with plenty of reverb, which is the type of music that warms you up inside. You know, it’s been getting slightly warmer lately. I wonder if that’s being reflected in the music being played? Regardless, you all were apparently digging “Hamilton Road” and “Killin’ the Vibe” since those two songs alone racked up nearly half the Ducktails plays this week! Killer job everybody, I love seeing the newer albums on these lists as well. Stay tuned for some really really fantastic new adds on Monday!

KZUU Top 30: 1/28/11

1. Ducktails – Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics

2. Blonde Redhead – Penny Sparkle

3. Millionyoung – Replicants

4. Minks – By the Hedge

5. The Decemberists – The King is Dead

6. No Age – Everything In Between

7. Tennis – Cape Dory

8. Zach Hill – Face Tat

9. El Ten Eleven – It’s Still Like a Secret

10. Goldenboy – Sleepwalker

11. Gospel Claws – C-L-A-W-S

12. Ben + Vesper – Honors

13. The Concretes – WYWH

14. Hollerado – Record in a Bag

15. Fitz and the Tantrums – Pickin’ Up the Pieces

16. Frontier Ruckus – Deadmalls & Nightfalls

17. Lord Huron – Mighty EP

18. Lost in the Trees – All Alone in An Empty House

19. Smith Westerns – Dye It Blonde

20. Tapes n Tapes – Outside

21. Iron and Wine – Kiss Each Other Clean

22. Ironwood Run – The Atlantic and America

23. Avey Tare – Down There

24. Belle and Sebastian – Write About Love

25. Deerhoof – Deerhoof vs. Evil

26. Pepper Rabbit – Beauregard

27. Sick of Sarah – 2205

28. Soft Cat – Wildspace

29. Coma Cinema – Blue Suicide

30. Apex Manor – The Year of Magical Drinking


What’s New @ KZUU: 1/24/11

Hello glorious DJs! We’ve got some wonderful new music for you this week. It’s looking like a very folksy week with some new Iron & Wine and Goldenboy. Can’t lie though, I’m way more excited for next week. We’ve got so much good music coming next month, so get excited!

New adds for 1/24/11:

#25 Apex Manor – The Year of Magical Drinking

#27 Ben + Vesper – Honors

#47 Ironwood Run – The Atlantic & America

#67 Deerhoof – Deerhoof vs. Evil

#85 Iron & Wine – Kiss Each Other Clean

#106 Goldenboy – Sleepwalking

KZUU Top 30: 1/21/11

And the first Top 30 of the year is here! While the newest albums trickle in, our DJs have been playing their favorites from the end part of last year. No Age, with their aggressive noise rock, took the top spot this week. Their second full-length Everything In Between came out in late September and has been dominating KZUU charts since then. While it’s getting old (in musical years), our DJs don’t seem to be tiring of it! Stay tuned for new music on Mondays and more charts every Friday!

1. No Age – Everything in Between

2. Breathe Owl Breathe – Magic Central

3. Deerhunter – Halcyon Digest

4. Avey Tare – Down There

5. Twin Shadow – Forget

6. Glasser – Ring

7. Buke and Gass – Riposte

8. Eli Paperboy Reed – Come and Get It!

9. Carnivores – If I’m Ancient

10. The Salteens – Grey Eyes

11. Junip – Fields

12. Pepper Rabbit – Beauregard

13. Soft Cat – Wildspace

14. Young Man – Boy

15. The Thermals – Personal Life

16. Birds and Batteries – Panorama

17. Hollerado – Record In a Bag

18. The Hundred in the Hands – The Hundred In the Hands

19. Bikini – JDS

20. Revolver – Music for a While

21. Sufjan Stevens – The Age of Adz

22. Belle and Sebastian – Write About Love

23. Cloud Nothings – Turning On / Didn’t You 7”

24. Frontier Ruckus – Deadmalls & Nightfalls

25. Girls – Broken Dreams Club EP

26. SSLYBY – Let It Sway

27. Women – Public Strain

28. Zach Hill – Face Tat

29. Wooden Wand – Death Seat

30. Fitz and the Tantrums – Pickin’ Up the Pieces

Band of the Week: Minks

Minks lookin' super chill

Minks are another part of the never-ending stream of amazing music coming from the Captured Tracks label (see also: Beach Fossils, Wild Nothing, Craft Spells). The band has been intriguing fans of 80s-inspired pop ever since their first singles were featured on That Music Blog We Don’t Really Talk About Anymore back in June and July.

Their first full-length album, By the Hedge, came out last week. As hinted to by some of the track names (“Funeral Song”, “Cemetary Rain”, “Bruises”) the album has a dark and melancholy vibe to it, but it’s a sort of comforting sadness that prods you to listen. Although the duo (who play live as a sextet) don’t try to hide their inspiration by new wave and goth acts, By the Hedge is its own beast, and the end result is ethereal and gorgeous.

Tracks like “Out of Tune” and “Ophelia” veer on the more upbeat side of shoegaze, while others (the lone instrumental track on the album, “Indian Ocean”, and slow burners “Boys Run Wild” and “Arboretum Dogs”) take the cheeriness level down a notch. As a whole, the album is reverbed-out and requires multiple listens to fully pick out the nuances in each song. Every track on the album, though, is solid even at first listen, and you’re bound to find something to fit your mood and the theme of your show.


P.S. Minks are also now on tour with Dum Dum Girls.

What’s New @ KZUU: 1/17/11

The albums just keep rolling in! We’ve got a lot of quality new music for you guys this week. But we’re most excited about all the new DJs who get to play it! Make sure to tune in this week to listen, not just to these songs, but to all the new voices over the air!

No albums were removed this week, but next week we’ll start pulling the older ones, so get those plays in while you can. As usual, click the link for a preview.

New adds for the week of 1/17/11:

#23 Yuni in Taxco – What Love Will Provide/Stiff Joints

#48 Modern Skirts – Gramahawk

#77 El Ten Eleven – It’s Still Like a Secret

#97 Destroyer – Kaputt

#102 Sick of Sarah – 2205

#108 Minks – By the Hedge

#110 Lord Huron – Mighty EP


Band of the Week: Millionyoung

Millionyoung’s Mike Diaz has the sound of a graceful dance party. His musical creations are delicate, playfully incorporating a different mood into each track. He has you tapping your feet as well as giving into that slight bob of the head. He gives us all that and more with his debut album Replicants. Now if you want any indication on what this album is going to sound like, just take a glimpse at the album cover. With a lovely luau lady shaking it somewhere between Maui and the Milky Way, its a spot-on visual representation for the sounds Millionyoung create.

Tracks such as “Sentimental”, “On and On”, and the gushingly gorgeous “Calrissian” make this album definitely worth your listen. Replicants is aesthetically pleasing to your ears; it’s like you’re surrounded by a plethora of different songs and melodies all at once. Accompanied by Diaz’s dreamy voice as well as his ability to incorporate melodies from an assortment of eras makes Millionyoung an easy decision for KZUU’s Band Of The Week.


Brennan & Andi