Starfucker change name, now 20% less cool

Portland’s Starfucker just got signed to a bigger label, so now they need a more accessible, less vulgar name. Starfucker will henceforth be known as Pyramid.

Discussing this unfortunate name change over a mid-afternoon snack of Skittles and Dum Dums, Curt suggested, and KZUU staffers confirmed that as a band, Starfucker/Pyramid is now ~20% worse. What this means for you, the listener, is that their next album must be AT LEAST 20% better than their last release, the quick-hitting EP Jupiter.

The whole story is HERE, along with cheeky and clever name suggestions from area hipsters in the comments.


One thought on “Starfucker change name, now 20% less cool

  1. Not gonna lie, I thought the name “Starfucker” was immensely stupid and I’m pretty happy they changed it. To me, a name like that is purely an attempt to be eyebrow-raising, which feels to me like something similar to a little kid repeatedly tugging on a grown-up’s pant leg for attention. It’s just…annoying.

    I’m glad they grew up and changed the name….

    Also, I imagine it really is in their best interest. Far more media outlets will be willing to pick them up now that they have a printable name, let’s be honest. So good for them.

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