video vednesday

It sort of sounds like the soundtrack to a Final Fantasy game with Dio on vocals. In other words, its EPIC shit y’all.  But where lesser musicians would come off as corny, Shearwater sound confident. Their new one The Gold Archipelago is full of dragonslaying power. They are coming to Pullman in April so sharpen your swords KZUU.

Nosaj doing it as we’ve come to expect. Stellar.

From what is likely the finest hip-hop album to come along so far this year, The Stimulus Package. Jake One keeps true-school soul-sampling fresh and it is exciting to listen to Freeway switch up his flows with a craft lost on most rappers today.


KZUU Top 30 — 2/22

Let us put aside our fear of sharks for the time being and embrace a new, legit #1 this week. Y’all blew it last week, playing entirely too much Local Natives. This week’s top five has redeemed the station.

  1. SURFER BLOOD — Astro Coast
  2. REAL ESTATE — Real Estate
  3. YEASAYER — Odd Blood
  4. PHANTOGRAM — Eyelid Movies
  5. TORO Y MOI — Causers of This
  6. XIU XIU — Dear God, I Hate Myself
  7. BEACH HOUSE — Teen Dream
  8. LOCAL NATIVES — Gorilla Manor
  9. LAURA VEIRS — July Flame
  10. QUASI — American Gong
  11. SHOUT OUT LOUDS — Work
  13. DAN BLACK — ((un))
  14. LOS CAMPESINOS! — Romance Is Boring
  15. THE SOFT PACK — The Soft Pack
  16. EL PERRO DEL MAR — Love Is Not Pop
  17. MIDLAKE — The Courage of Others
  18. SMILE BRIGADE — Eering, Creaky EP
  19. THE HOLIDAY FRIENDS — Neon Persuasion
  20. JULIAN CASABLANCAS — Phrazes for the Young
  21. COLD CAVE — Love Comes Close
  22. HOT CHIP — One Life Stand
  23. SETH AUGUSTUS — To the Pouring Rain
  25. NANA GRIZOL — Ruth
  26. JOOKABOX — Dead Zone Boys
  27. WE ARE THE WILLOWS — A Collection of Sounds
  28. FREE ENERGY — Free Energy
  29. LIARS — Sisterworld
  30. AU — Versions

Headlights + Yarn Owl + The Holiday Friends = next Saturday night

Yello Friends Who Like Great Music,

Stereopathic is bringing another great band to the Palouse! Can I get a whoop-whoop?!

Headlights make pretty music. And we all like that. Imagine sitting outside on your mom’s front lawn with a stereo listening to tunes that make the world spin around you. Your foot will suddenly tap along and your head from side to side. Imagine running your hand over aisles and aisles of lace fabric. Or spinning circles in in a park while wearing your mother’s hand-me-down daydress. Do you understand what I am trying to tell you now?

Check out the Daytrotter Session. They go into even more detail about the dreamy-pretty-pop Headlights will be bringing to the stage next Saturday, February 27th. Do you need even more of a reason to come hang out with the KZUU kids next Saturday? Okay fine I’ll convince you with the fact that Yarn Owl and The Holiday Friends are opening. The Holiday Friends…remember those adorable boys that opened for Finn Riggins? Really adorable. Someone get me a date. And ya’ll know YO. Javier, Ted, Tim and Tyler. We know them.

DJs: tell your homies about this show. It’s going to be great. Listen to the songs Telephones and Secrets. I would be surprised if this album didn’t make next weeks Top 30. Find it in Staff Picks.

On an endearing note: I love you all. Thanks for listening to KZUU and holding our hands through our growing up process.


Live: Daedelus, Nosaj Thing, and Jogger in Seattle 2/10

all photos by Dave Lichterman

I was fortunate enough to witness a lineup of some supreme computer-engineered wizardry last Wednesday at Neumos in Seattle. I wrote a review of the show for KEXP. Thanks to Nosaj and Daedelus for being extremely nice and engaging people. You can read my review at the KEXP blog. Here it is in entirety on the WordPress for all my KZUU peoples.

On a characteristically gray February evening in Seattle, electro enthusiasts and beat-aficionados gathered to groove to two of L.A.’s most imaginative electronic musicians—Daedelus and Nosaj Thing. Joined with future-folk opener Jogger, the “Magical Properties Tour” stopped through Neumos on Wednesday for a night of hard beats and exhausting rhythms that the city will not soon forget.

The weekday crowd filled in slowly suggesting that a more relaxed evening was in store. Fortunately, it did not last. The first few minutes of Jogger’s set washed over the venue like warm ray of sunshine as if it were inviting the crowd to a beach party. The duo’s guitar-laced atmospherics, submerged bass-driven beats, and soft vocals were an ideal introduction for a night of music that would grow in intensity.

By the time Nosaj Thing was ready to rock, the crowd had doubled in size and eagerly awaited the neck-snapping beats to come. Nosaj, real name Jason Chung, walked on stage with the focus of a conductor and his one-man symphony did not disappoint. Hunched over a laptop and an Akai MPC, he wasted no time in dropping hard percussion-driven beats and tape echo grinds that had the crowd going bonkers. Over his hour long set, Chung barely came up for air as he twisted knobs and layered effects over his glitch-y, dub and Dr. Dre influenced hip-hop breaks. Like all great DJ/producers, he knows the effectiveness in a flash of silence when followed by a huge gurgling bass line. Songs off of his universally acclaimed 2009 debut album Drift made up most of the set, along with a few choice remixes and live improvisation he is known for. His set had the crowd moving in a trance-like stupor, exhibiting the eerie power of his unique sound. Weary legs would find no rest as the remainder of the evening slammed Neumos sound system in full force.

Moments before the clock struck midnight, headliner Daedelus, along with his patented electronic instrument mysteriously known as “the box”, took center stage. In a vanilla-colored sports jacket and a black tie, the L.A. veteran mixed an hour and a half set of non-stop dance and experimental techno at outrageously high BPM. His frenzied set didn’t let up for second as he looped and blended samples, changed tempo and pitch in a seamless fashion. A passionate performer, his hands were moving so fast they nearly blurred as the Neumos dance-floor turned into a techno party you would expect to find only in corners of Europe. Daedelus fed off the crowd’s wild energy, occasionally smiling while contorting his body to the hard breaks in his mix. When the music finally stopped, there was no question of a finale. Just minutes later Daedelus came back on-stage and asked the crowd if they wanted “pretty or messy”. He went with pretty, and the only quiet moment of the evening came in the form of a ‘70s soul record slowed to syrup-speed. Daedelus grinned, flamboyantly wiped the sweat from his brow, and dropped a wavering dub-step bassline over a double-time tempo. Needless to say, dancing commenced.

The sound was excellent, the drinks were good, and the crowd diverse. Most left in sweat and ringing ears as they exited on a sticky floor, a sure sign of a good concert. The night was a huge success, lending further evidence to the theory that, other than maybe the UK, the Los Angeles beat scene is unbeatable.


KZUU Top 30 — 2/15


  1. LOCAL NATIVES — Gorilla Manor
  2. HOT CHIP — One Life Stand
  3. YEASAYER — Odd Blood
  4. SURFER BLOOD — Astro Coast
  5. LAURA VEIRS — July Flame
  6. TEGAN AND SARA — Sainthood
  7. REAL ESTATE — Real Estate
  8. BEACH HOUSE — Teen Dream
  9. THE WATSON TWINS — Talking to Me, Talking to You
  10. LOS CAMPESINOS! — Romance Is Boring
  11. U.S.E. — Loveworld
  12. THAO WITH THE GET DOWN STAY DOWN — Know Better Learn Faster
  13. DEVENDRA BANHART — What Will We Be
  14. FREE ENERGY — Free Energy EP
  15. DIGITS — Hold It Close
  16. ATLAS SOUND — Logos
  17. BEAR IN HEAVEN — Beast Rest Forth Mouth
  18. KINGS OF CONVENIENCE — Declaration of Dependence
  19. PHANTOGRAM — Eyelid Movies
  21. DAN BLACK — ((un))
  22. THE SOFT PACK — The Soft Pack
  23. TORO Y MOI — Causers of This
  24. FINN RIGGINS — Vs. Wilderness
  25. SMILE BRIGADE — Eering, Creaky EP
  26. NANA GRIZOL — Ruth
  28. THE HOLIDAY FRIENDS — Neon Persuasion
  29. VARIOUS ARTISTS — Daptone Gold
  30. AU — Versions

love is in the air–in the air with JAVIER

Hello Love Birds everywhere,

I feel it in my fingers / I feel it in my toes / the love that’s all around me / and so the feeling grows

I’ve constructed a few things to keep your mind on/off of love and being in/without a relationship on this Valentine’s Day.


Love song quote quiz:

*I can’t decide if this quiz is too obscure or not. Feel free to google these lyrics or check the answers below.

1. A love struck Romeo sings the streets a serenade / laying everybody low with a love song that he made / finds a streetlight, steps out of the shade / and says something like “you and me how about it?”

2. Someday I know / someone will look into my eyes / and say “hello, you’re my very special one”

3. I can’t believe I’m writing this down / I can’t believe I’ve got you in a song / I don’t want to be a whining girl / I’d rather not be in your world

4. It’s easy babe / How did we forget about our love? / It’s easy babe

5. We’re living off some modest trust / from daddy before his oil went bust / loving you is just enough / because no one gives a fuck about us

6. It’s so many miles and so long since I’ve met you / don’t even know what I’ll say when I get to you / But suddenly now, I know where I belong / It’s many hundred miles and it won’t be long

7. Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near? / just like me they long to be close to you

8. When I had you to myself I didn’t want you around / those pretty faces always make you stand out in a crowd / ooh Baby give me one more chance / won’t you please let me back in your heart

9. Taking it hard just like you knew I would / old habits die hard when you got a sentimental heart / piece of the puzzle you’re my missing part / oh what can you do with a sentimental heart

10. It can’t be all that pretty when all of New York City misses you / should pretty boys in discos distract you from your novel / remember I’m awful in love with you

11. You’re asking me will my love grow / I don’t know, I don’t know / You stick around and it may show

1. Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits
2. After Hours by The Velvet Underground
3. I Don’t Wanna See You by Camera Obscura
4. How Did We Forget? by El Perro del Mar
5. Aaron and Maria by The American Analog Set
6. Train Song by Feist and Ben Gibbard
7. Close to You by The Carpenters
8. I Want You Back by The Jackson Five
9. Sentimental Heart by She & Him
10. Come Back From San Francisco by The Magnetic Fields
11. Something by The Beatles

**this list can also double as your love making playlist


One of my favorite pocket keepsakes, Javier of the band Yarn Owl, took some time out of his busy touring schedule to sit down and have a chat in the KZUU office. We discussed the notion of love, Penny Lane, Stan Getz and his undying love for the frequency of 90.7fm. (Spoiler alert: Javier does not know the correct words to “All You Need Is Love”–we clearly need more Rock Band practice.) Check our date here:

Love Guru vs. Javier

Valentine’s Day is for making out, eating chocolates, listening to sappy love songs and calling your mother to tell her you love her. Don’t forget to support KZUU and spread the love of non-commercial music.

If you think that you are alone on Valentine’s Day, just remember KZUU loves you unconditionally.  Unless you turn on us and start listening to Nickelback–the most unattractive band I’ve ever come across.

Hugs and kisses,

Love Guru

KZUU Top 30 — 2/8

The Finn Riggins show at the Bell Tower last Friday was a success. I missed all but one song by openers Nonie and the Static. I enjoyed Nonie, yet didn’t care for the Static (just kidding, the whole band was great, I just wish I could have seen more). The crowd seemed to enjoy some of the catchy harmonies of Moscow’s Holiday Friends, who come off as the offspring of Fleet Foxes and Animal Collective. FR played last, to an energetic, moshing crowd. Not everyone joined in on the rocking though, and I’m sure more than a few came out with some bumps and bruises. In all though, KZUU fully supports FR, and was glad to have them in Pullman. Let’s hope these friends of the station come back sooner rather than later.

  1. FINN RIGGINS — Vs. Wilderness
  2. YEASAYER — Odd Blood
  3. LOCAL NATIVES — Gorilla Manor
  4. LOS CAMPESINOS! — Romance Is Boring
  5. HOT CHIP — One Life Stand
  6. U.S.E. — Loveworld
  7. JACE EVERETT — Red Revelations
  8. BEACH HOUSE — Teen Dream
  9. THAO WITH THE GET DOWN STAY DOWN — Know Better Learn Faster
  11. REAL ESTATE — Real Estate
  13. THE HOLIDAY FRIENDS — Neon Persuasion
  14. NEON INDIAN — Psychic Chasms
  16. SUNSET — Gold Dissolves to Gray
  17. EELS — End Times
  18. IMAAD WASIF — The Voidist
  19. FREE ENERGY — Free Energy EP
  20. SMILE BRIGADE — Eering, Creaky EP
  21. NANA GRIZOL — Ruth
  22. ASOBI SEKSU — Rewolf
  23. GIRLFRIENDS — Girlfriends
  24. DEVENDRA BANHART — What Will We Be
  25. FAMILY OF THE YEAR — Songbook
  26. YARN OWL — Stay Warm EP
  27. TORO Y MOI — Causers of This
  28. VITALIC — Flashmob
  29. VARIOUS ARTISTS — Daptone Gold
  30. MIDLAKE — The Courage of Others