new madvillain album in “works”, hip-hop heads rejoice

the back of 2004’s masterpiece madvillainy read:

mf doom: rhymes

madlib: beats

and that was that. two of the most prolific and creative forces in hip-hop—underground or otherwise—penned a classic over bong rips and jazz records.

so when pitchfork caught wind of the mysterious duo’s recent activity, i almost pee’d my pants. according to p4k’s report madvillain are working on the follow-up to their debut collaboration. there is no release date but mos def and tv on the radio’s david sitek are rumored to be contributors. not surprising as upon the release of madvillainy the entire indie community instantly declared it to be the savior of indie-rap (as if they knew better). personally, i just want to hear doom and madlib, i don’t know what the white bro from tv on the radio is going to add, other than played-out atmospherics.

to my hip-hop djs: go scour the library for madvillian madvillainy and remind kzuu listeners of a classic.

while you wait here is stones throw dj j-rocc working some new madvillain material into a recent set:

via pitchfork



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