Not music-related, but whatevs


We hate the Huskies, and here are two very creepy reasons why:

I’m all for “honoring thy father and mother” (Ten Commandments reference because Locker is Jesus), but this is ridiculous!


Happy Thanksgiving from KZUU

On this, the day of food and football, KZUU would like to list all of the things that it, as a station, is thankful for.

  • Non-commercial music.
  • Crazy/sexy/cool DJs.
  • The ASWSU, for allowing us to be a broadcast service OF the ASWSU.
  • The CUB, for providing us the space to express our indie-ness.
  • Stereopathic Music, for bringing great shows to the Palouse.
  • Family.
  • Friends.
  • Food.
  • Football.
  • Tim Meinig.
  • The Daily Evergreen, for always giving us something to talk about/disparage.
  • Klay Thompson.
  • Eirik from Kings of Convenience for being so nice and polite during his phone interview with us.
  • Democrats.
  • Republicans.
  • Every promoter, record label, and independent artist who sends us good music.
  • Every promoter, record label, and independent artist who doesn’t send us bad music.
  • Beer.
  • Drugs.
  • The freedom to not be KUGR.
  • Butch T. Cougar.
  • Chelan selflessly spending her own money so we can have snacks and treats at meetings.
  • KZUU talk shows that are funny, have a point of view, and are intelligent.
  • Swine flu.
  • Everyone who helps review CDs.
  • Thoughtful managers who seem, for the most part, to have the best interests of the station in mind.
  • Metal. What little is left.
  • Anyone in the community who supports KZUU.
  • YOU, YOU, YOU!

And here are some things that KZUU is not thankful for.

  • Commercial music.
  • Owl City.
  • Every promoter, record label, and independent artist who sends us bad music.
  • DJs who use their talk shows to talk about irrelevant, sexist, unfunny bullshit.
  • Swine flu.
  • Cops.
  • People who eat or drink in the studio.
  • People who bring beer bottles into the studio and claim they were using them for chew spit. We saw that bottle, it was dry and empty. You lied.
  • CD thieves.
  • The Washington Huskies.

Have a great holiday, everyone.

KZUU Top 30 — 11/23

Dem jeans is awfully skinny. Neon Indian is #1 this week, and it has everything to do with the show he played in Moscow on the 14th. Last week’s #1, Julian Casablancas, drops to #6. Devendra Banhart, the #1 from two weeks ago, falls of the face of the planet as (I assume) people realize how bad his new album is. Enjoy.

  1. Neon Indian — Psychic Chasms
  2. Thao with the Get Down Stay Down — Know Better Learn Faster
  3. The XX — XX
  4. Monsters of Folk — Monsters of Folk
  5. The King Khan & BBQ Show — Invisible Girl
  6. Julian Casablancas — Phrazes for the Young
  7. Tegan & Sara — Sainthood
  8. Kings of Convenience — Declaration of Dependence
  9. The Dodos — Time to Die
  10. Girls — Album
  11. Tom Waits — Glitter and Doom Live
  12. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros — Up from Below
  13. Built to Spill — There Is No Enemy
  14. Infusion — All Night Sun Light
  15. Farewell Milwaukee — Autumn Rest Easy
  16. Sea Wolf — White Water, White Bloom
  17. Dead Man’s Bones — Dead Man’s Bones
  18. Yeasayer — “Ambling Alp”
  19. The Mary Onettes — Islands
  20. We All Have Hooks for Hands — The Shape of Energy
  21. Sondre Lerche — Heartbeat Radio
  22. Ben Gibbard & Jay Farrar — One Fast Move or I’m Gone
  23. Boat — Setting the Paces
  24. Atlas Sound — Logos
  25. The Raveonettes — In and Out of Control
  26. Le Loup — Family
  27. Volcano Choir — Unmap
  28. Real Estate — Real Estate
  29. Noah and the Whale — The First Days of Spring
  30. The Mountain Goats — The Life of the World to Come


Listen to KZUU’s interview with Kings of Convenience

Thursday morning, KZUU DJs Davis and Curt interviewed Eirik Glambek Bøe, from the Norwegian duo Kings of Convenience. The three talked about inspiration, Bossa Nova, and various other topics of interest. Our DJs did an outstanding job handling the interview with professionalism and a clear passion for KoC’s music. Give Davis and Curt a pat on the back the next time you see them.

CLICK HERE to visit KZUU’s new podcast where you can hear the 9-minute interview in its entirety.

KZUU live phone interview with Eirik from Kings of Convenience

KZUU is proud to announce that we’ve received a very special opportunity. Thursday, November 19th, at 10:20 AM, DJs Davis and Curt will be conducting a live phone interview with Eirik Glambek Bøe,  one half of the soft-spoken Norwegian duo Kings of Convenience (the cat in brown, pictured above). Turn on your radio in the morning, or check back here in the afternoon, when we’ll be posting an exclusive MP3 recording of the interview. This is such a cool event for the station–KZUU is growing up before our very eyes!

Preview Rack – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

This album came out awhile ago (July 14), but we’ve only gotten it into the preview rack recently. If you’re into the hippie vibe that Devendra Banhart gives off, then definitely give Edward Sharpe a spin. Except, while Devendra’s sort of a hipster-hippie, Edward Sharpe is a collective of serious neo-hippies who just love everyone and everything for reals. There’s really nothing to hate about their debut, Up from Below, which is full of happy, sunny music to get you through the apocalyptic winters of Pullman. They whistle. Come on.

But feel free to make your own judgments. Below is the video for their song “Home.”

Additionally–if you haven’t heard by now, there’s this organization called Stereopathic, which brings indie music to Pullman and Moscow. If you feel like seeing Edward Sharpe, the place to be is the Bell Tower in Pullman on December 4th. Tickets can be found at

Stereopathic (as well as Edward Sharpe) deserves our support, and what’s not to like about an all-ages venue in Pullman? So give them all a big fat hippie hug at the Bell Tower on December 4th.