Angel Haze — Classick

Expressive 21-year-old MC Angel Haze dropped her next mixtape Classick last Thursday. The collection boasts six tracks in which Haze spits over an all-star selection of classic beats. Her rhymes here are honest and vulnerable – but Haze does it with confidence. If anything she’s borderline cocky and her raps hit hard because you can feel the emotion behind them. All the beats here are very recognizable (Lauren Hill, Jay-Z’s “Song Cry” etc.) and you get the sense that Haze is attempting to one-up the originals. More often than not she succeeds.

Haze’s storytelling paints horrifying pictures of domestic and sexual violence. At the beginning of highlight “Cleanin Out My Closet” she warns us that things are about to get personal – and they certainly do. Years of sexual abuse are described in graphic and terrifying detail. Haze gets angry as the song picks up and Eminem’s classic beat is chilling enough to perfectly compliment such heavy subject matter. Not only does Angel Haze have a lot to say, but she’s got the ability to back it up. She dances over beats in double-time flawlessly in a way that would make Big Boi smile. Check out her EP Reservation for some more solid material.

— Daniel


KZUU’s 2012 Hallo-weird Mixtape!












KZUU has some pretty awesome fans and listeners. As the premier radio station for all things weird in Eastern Washington, we feel it’s important to embrace the weirdest holiday of them all: Halloween! Seriously, what’s weirder than grown adults dressing up as fictional characters and then drinking enough to throw up? (real professionals stay in character even mid-vomit). Luckily for us, Halloween falls right in the middle of the fall semester, which is the perfect time to assemble a mixtape of some of our favorite spooky fall-themed songs. This year, Music Director Adam compiled a 40+ minute mix of weird, strange, and eerie music to get you in the mood for the holiday. You can stream it below, and check out the entire track listing on soundcloud!

Onuinu Concert + Album Review

It was not Starfucker that caught my interest the most during their show on Monday the 22nd at the Belltower in downtown Pullman. Instead, it was the shy, humble opening act Onuinu that definitely made the biggest impression on me. Though slow at the start, Onuinu really got into their performance quickly, feeding off of the crowd which responded so well to their sound. Few people knew what to expect, I certainly didn’t, but I think it may have been that which made Onuinu’s performance that brilliant.

A perfect electro-pop album. So many try for it, some achieve it. Onuinu is one of them, and they have done so very quickly too with “Mirror Gazer”. Every track on here brings a sense of “aaaahhhh” to it as it starts to wash over you. Dorian’s voice is pristine, the guitar is slick, the sounds Jeremy produced are crisp and the ever so present synths are there to impress. One vibe I definitely got from listening to this album, was Tycho blended with Boards of Canada with (at least with most songs) a more danceable drum beat. (A notable exception would be the fantastic “Forever” song, which calms things down with a very mesmerizing essence.)

EVERY track (save the shorter intermission-style-experimental tracks) on this fantastic album will get you moving and smiling. It’s hard not to enjoy the music and just simply feel good listening to it all. The beats are fantastic, and a very impressive situation, leaving you wanting for more, as you repeat the album again for the third time or so. Definitely check this album out. It is definitely one of the best of recent times.

– Nick

“Ice Palace”

“Happy Home”

Full Album for streaming


P.O.S. “We Don’t Even Live Here”

DOOMTREE member and Rhymesayers MC P.O.S. dropped his latest record Monday called We Don’t Even Live Here. The Minneapolis artist has deep roots in rock and punk music heard distinctly in his production and rapping style, which is demonstrated perfectly in his new album. Joined by the talents of Justin Vernon (of Bon Iver), Issac Gale, Boize Noize, and felloe DOOMTREE members Lazerbeak, Sims, and Mike Mictlan, We Don’t Even Live Here  is a masterpiece in itself. No one in the hip-hop scene brings the style and similar creativity that P.O.S does. Illustrated by the anthem “F*** Your Stuff”, a filthy Lazerbeak beat lays the foundation for P.O.S. head bobbin’ verses that dig deeper than any of his other releases. Unfortunately, he has become sick of late with a needed kidney transplant and has cancelled his album tour. We wish the best for the talented MC and look forward to his recovery so he can tour the country singing out “MY WHOLE CREW’S ON THIS S***, WE BE SCUFFING UP YOUR NIKES AND SPITTING ON YOUR WHIP”

Buy the Album here & SPREAD THIS!


Roux Spana – 9 Weeks of Sun

9 Weeks of Sun is a project that Polish producer Roux Spana had been intending to do for a long time which was to make a record made up of 80s boogie inspired electronic music. It was a process that lasted over a span of 9 weeks, releasing a new track on his soundcloud every Monday and lemme tell ya folks, this stuff will have you dancing for hours on end. You can stream it below.

Also, you can download it from the U Know Me Records’ bandcamp page which includes 3 bonus tracks so get on it.


AlunaGeorge is AwesomeGreat

Before you dismiss this duo as a Purity Ring rip-off (singing girl with stunning voice w/producer guy) realize that it’s not all bad. I seriously dig AlunaGeorge. So hard. No, you don’t understand how much I like the R&B vibe over electro-pop/future garage/post-dubstep beats. I love the crisp drums, warming bass and electrifying synths, like in “Your Drums, Your Love” that forces you to pay attention and immerse yourself in the music. I love the powerful sounds in “Just A Touch” and “You Know You Like It,” the latter showing the vocal ability of Aluna Francis, which has a perfect jazz sound over the electro-pop beats, with such confidence and power that I’m sure even Beyoncé would be impressed by. George Reid also shows his brilliant producing talent with the future-garage/post-dubstep influences in their remix’s, but especially in their own singles “It Feels So Good” & “We Are Chosen.” The list keeps on going with their stellar tracks, with Annie Mac presenting the totally-weird-but-oh-so-awesome “Watching Over You” only 2 weeks ago, and “Double Sixes” available as a free download which seems to blend where future-garage and UK House is heading together to give a fascinatingly mesmerizing track with Aluna’s brilliant voice threaded in between the music. To top it all off, the collaboration (or maybe it’s just a remix, I can’t exactly tell) between Rusite and AlunaGeorge for Rustie’s track After Light is absolute perfection as well. Take a listen to AlunaGeorge. It is really worth your time. And above all, watch these two, it seems they are only just getting started.

– Nick

AlunaGeorge – “You Know You Like It”

AlunaGeorge – “We Are Chosen”

Rustie – “After Light (ft. AlunaGeorge)


As an added bonus, check out Duke Dumont’s absolutely incredible remix of “Your Drums, Your Love.”

Kendrick Lamar’s Backseat Freestyle

Kendrick Lamar’s sophomore LP good kid, m.A.A.d. city is likely hours away from a leak, but so far we haven’t heard much since his “Swimming Pools” single dropped back in July. Lamar’s follow up to 2011’s acclaimed Section.80 will officially drop October 22nd (monday), but yesterday listeners were graced with a Hit-Boy helmed banger that will likely lead to even higher anticipation in the hip-hop world. “Backseat Freestyle” feels like a total manifestation of all of Kendrick’s talents.

The hooks come off a bit corny at first, but it’s pretty easy to tell that it’s all in good humor — If anything they give us time to catch up and process all the wordplay that’s on display here. And goodness, what a beat! Hit-Boy typically sets things on fire but here his snare echoes in a way that evokes memories of some early Mobb Deep production. By the end of it all Lamar’s voice gets harsh, his cadence picks up, and it starts to feel like he’s almost flowing too hard. Almost. Kendrick Lamar is a diverse rapper with a lot to say, and when you pair him with a beat like this you can’t help but feel that this year he won’t be touched. This is still only the beginning.

— Daniel