Up & Coming: The Fieldz

It’s rare to find a young MC out there now that can spit with an intellectual level that matches some of the best in the game, but 17 year old Fieldz shows us that there’s something to look forward to in the hip-hop game. His mix-tape “In My Own World” which dropped last year, introduces us to his smooth and practiced flow while bringing some unheard of tenacity in rappers nowadays. He raps about what he knows and doesn’t try to BS the listener by going off on some drug game/ hood facade. His new single “Hoodie Season”, which dropped earlier in November, really shows an aggressive nature not shown in his earlier mix-tape but still has the lyrical quality of his past singles. There’s no fakeness when it comes to his style and he definitely deserves more rep for the quality stuff he’s spitting.

-Kyle (Scapegoat)


This a link to his tumblr, you can snag a free copy of his mixtape.

New Album dropping soon: Brain Junk Food


Band of the Week: Quilt

At the end of the semester when autumn turns to winter, my music tastes shift from electronic beats to the softer sound of guitars. That’s why Quilt’s self-titled album is perfect for this time of year. Based in Massachusetts, these just-out-of-college kids make warm psychedelic folk that reminds me of orange leaves falling from the trees.

Upon first listen, it may be easy for some people to dismiss Quilt; the trio wears their inspiration from the psychedelic 60s on their sleeves. However, as much as their sound imitates that of bands like Jefferson Airplane, it still sounds fresh. Where they excel is in the vocal harmonies. The two-to-three-part counterpoint is magical over the driving drumbeats and guitar licks.

Quilt’s debut LP is out now on Mexican Summer. Stream the tracks “Cowboys In The Void” and “Penobska Oakwalk” below, and tune in to KZUU to hear more!

<3, Kelsie