U.S.E. “LOVEWORLD” … where my party people at??


Man oh man, if you’re a fan of upbeat electronic dance music, then check out United State of Electronica’s new album, LOVEWORLD!  This Seattle-based group has perfected the use of the autotune with its new and catchy sing-a-long album — so T-Pain & Weezy, watch out! — y’all could learn a thing or two from U.S.E.!  I think it’s nearly impossible to listen to U.S.E.’s LOVEWORLD and not catch yourself nodding your head and jamming out to it; I dare you to try, I dare you!  Every track on the album has the classic U.S.E. sound, and no track disappoints.  Personally, I’m a big electronic dance fan, but this album is for anyone & everyone!  So where my party people at?!  Go check out LOVEWORLD!

In the meantime, here’s a video for the song “K.I.S.S.I.N.G” off the new album LOVEWORLD… enjoy.

Kisses, Val

Check out more of U.S.E. here!

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