KZUU Top 30 – 10/26

Dear KZUU,

After last week’s shenanigans, the top thirty are once again nothing but delightful. Frontier Ruckus at number 2??? Management is happy.

  1. POISON CONTROL CENTER — Sad Sour Future
  2. FRONTIER RUCKUS — Deadmalls & Nightfalls
  3. DEPARTMENT OF EAGLES — Archive 2003-2006
  4. BEST COAST — Crazy for You
  5. TYPHOON — Hunger and Thirst
  6. NO AGE — Everything in Between
  7. SUFJAN STEVENS — The Age of Adz
  8. THE FUTUREHEADS — The Chaos
  9. MAXIMUM BALLOON — Maximum Balloon
  10. MINUS THE BEAR — Omni
  11. SUGAR AND GOLD — Get Wet!
  12. AVEY TARE — Down There
  13. DOSH — Tommy
  14. BELLE AND SEBASTIAN — Write About Love
  15. WOMEN — Public Strain
  16. BLACK PRAIRIE — Feast of the Hunters’ Moon
  17. TWIN SHADOW — Forget
  18. DEERHUNTER — Halcyon Digest
  19. JUNIP — Fields
  20. THE HUNDRED IN THE HANDS — The Hundred in the Hands
  21. THE YOUNG VEINS — Take a Vacation
  23. WOLF PARADE — Expo 86
  24. GLASSER — Ring
  25. DAN SARTAIN — Dan Sartain Lives
  26. NATHANIEL RATELIFF — In Memory of Loss
  27. ALOE BLACC — Good Things
  28. JUSTIN TOWNES EARLE — Harlem River Blues
  29. WOODS — At Echo Lake
  30. PEARLY GATE MUSIC — Pearly Gate Music

Hey–A KZUU Kontest!

KZUU Punkin + Tom Waits Punkin



Hey Kids!

Starting right this very second, we want you–YOU–to do the following:

1. Carve a KZUU punkin.

2. Post a picture of said punkin to our wall on facebook.

Simple, right? If yours is the best (as decided by KZUU management), you’ll get to enjoy the eternal glory of a blog post, as well as some sort of prize.

Submissions are due Friday, October 29th, at the witchin’ hour (midnight, for the uninitiated).

Get carving, kiddos! If you have questions, leave a note on our FB page or–better yet–ask one of the managers in person.



Band of the Week: Avey Tare

Since 2009’s Merriweather Post Pavilion, Animal Collective has been all over the place. They’ve composed a soundtrack for a movie, designed shoes for adults and children, and two of the members have split off to make solo material. Panda Bear (aka Noah Lennox) is still working on his album Tomboy, and Avey Tare (aka Dave Portner) is releasing his first true solo album entitled Down There next week.

While previous solo work by Portner involved his wife Kría Brekkan, Down There is all straight from the mind of Avey Tare himself. Supposedly inspired by crocodiles, swamps, and other things of that murky nature, Down There is saturated with wobbly instruments, watery percussion, and vocals saturated in reverb. The tracks never feel rushed, they develop methodically with layers and loops swooping in and out like algae-covered waves in the Everglades. Album standout “Oliver Twist” opens with a haunting monologue and a trunk rattling kick drum beat. Once the locust-infested intermission ends, the beat picks up with a kick-clap groove and Avey pitches his vocals up and down while singing “…and if I had some kind of need maybe the thing I need is the thing I’ve got/and if I look inside of me I’ll find the thing that gets me to the bottom.”

Most of the album is seamless, with each track melting into the other, segued by underwater speeches given by random people. Listening closely, you hear lines at the beginning of songs like “You see blood and bone, pump and flow, and a million mess–” cutting off mid-sentence. In “Cemeteries,” you can hear a low-pitched conversation being whispered through the warbling piano: “Jud, what’s that?” “Shhh… just a loon, that’s all.”

What results off all of this creepiness is a fantastic album for autumn. If you can sit through this absolutely terrifying interview, Avey Tare gives a little more insight into the inspiration for this album, including his recent split with his wife. If you can’t watch that without getting nauseous, it’s okay. Down There is a perfectly acceptable album to dive head first into, headphones are highly recommended.

Down There is being released next week, and you can check it out in the preview rack now.

– Adam

Preview: Breathe Owl Breathe


It is a pleasure to say that Michigan’s own Breathe Owl Breathe will be in Moscow, Idaho tomorrow night at 8 pm!  This folky, mystical trio is about to release (October 26th) their new album Magic Central from Portland’s Hometapes.  I first heard of this band through yvynyl on tumblr, and fell in love with their eerie, cute tunes.  A very well-put description of Breathe Owl Breathe would be: “The key to the magic of Michigan’s Breathe Owl Breathe is the believable narrative, with a welcoming distance from the voice to your ears. Like classic slight of hand, they take familiar images and situations, wave over them and turn them into a dove” (The Music Slut Blog).  Not to mention they are releasing Magic Central on a pink vinyl!  If you have never heard of Breathe Owl Breathe, or simply need a show to go to (since Pullman/Moscow has had some deprivation of good shows lately) please come check them out!  You won’t be sorry.  Will also be featuring Curt Krause of Buffalo Death Beam!

Check out the FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE for more info.
LOOKIE below – MP3 ‘Swimming’ and the video below ‘Own Stunts’.
Much love,

Swimming – Breathe Owl Breathe

KZUU Top 30 – 10/18


Top thirty looking solid yet again. Dunno what happened to Deerhunter, though. Any explanation?

  1. Two Door Cinema Club – Tourist History
  2. Caribou – Swim
  3. LCD Soundsystem – This is Happening
  4. The Apples in Stereo – Travelers in Space and Time
  5. Deerhunter – Halcyon Digest
  6. Lost in the Trees – All Alone in an Empty House
  7. The Walkmen – Lisbon
  8. Twin Shadow – Forget
  9. Philip Selway – Familial
  10. Maximum Balloon – s/t
  11. Gospel Claws – C-L-A-W-S
  12. The Young Veins – Take a Vacation
  13. Department of Eagles – Archive 2003-2006
  14. The Salteens – Moths
  15. Minus the Bear – Omni
  16. Sugar & Gold – Get Wet!
  17. Horse Feathers – Thistled Spring
  18. Justin Townes Earle – Harlem River Blues
  19. The Futureheads – The Chaos
  20. Typhoon – Hunger and Thirst
  21. Born Ruffians – Say It
  22. The Hundred in the Hands – s/t
  23. Poirier – Running High
  24. Pearly Gate Music – s/t
  25. The Poison Control Center – Sad Sour Future
  26. Magic Kids – Memphis
  27. Fitz & the Tantrums – Pickin’ Up the Pieces
  28. Frog Eyes – Paul’s Tomb: A Triumph
  29. Junip – Fields
  30. Woods – At Echo Lake

What’s New @ KZUU: 10/15

A bunch of great new albums this week, but what’s new? Hope you’re all having lots of fun with your mamas and papas. Catch y’all next week!

63: Avey Tare – “Down There”

71: Sufjan Stevens – “The Age of Adz”

86: No Age – “Everything In Between”

88:  The Sleep-ins – “Songs About Girls and Outer Space”

89: Belle and Sebastian – “Write About Love”

118: Suuns – “Zeroes QC”

119: Women – “Public Strain”

120: Frontier Ruckus – “Deadmalls and Nightfalls”  ***Check out Chelan’s write-up if you haven’t yet!


Artist of the Week: Pigeon John


2010 album 'Dragon Slayer'


Where would you have found the young teenager Pigeon John on Thursday nights in the 1990’s? Every week from 8-10pm aspiring hip-hop MCs and poets gathered in South Central Los Angeles, California at The Good Life Cafe. Pigeon John, as well as other notable artists and names such as Fatlip (Pharcyde), Cut Chemist (Jurassic 5), Chali 2na (Jurassic 5), Aceyalone, Abstract Rude, Chuck D (Public Enemy), Myka 9 and many others filed in on those nights with the hope of having the opportunity to perform a song to the audience. Whether they played a written song or freestyled, the audience was the judge if their music belonged on stage. This cafe was as true and real as hip-hop gets, and was the early foundation of many artists music careers.

Known for his feel-good lyrics, and wide ranging voice and energetic style, Pigeon John is back at it again with his most recent release of his 5th official studio album Dragon Slayer. Coming off his feel-good 2006 album Pigeon John and The Summertime Pool Party, Dragon Slayer is another solid release from the Hawthorne, California native. PJ steers away from his typical MPC/sample based production as he has shown on previous records, and collaborates with Herve Salters (of General Elektrik) for a whole new instrumented feel to this record. As expected, Pigeon Johns creativity and enthusiastic style is evident once again in this already classic-album.  Compared to his other recordings, Dragon Slayer‘s production is a bit slower, however it still presents his signature sound he has crafted he has been producing for over 10 years.

One of the most slept-on hip-hop artists to date, Pigeon John has been producing quality music since the end of 1990’s and how he is still flying under the radar for most music fans is beyond me. Do yourself and favor and pick up any of PJ’s albums and you’ll have it on replay for rest of the month. Whether he is singing on the chorus, making a joke at the end of a song, or finishing one of his creative word-play verses, PJ’s wisdom and humor is his very distinct. Pigeon John continues to make his statement within underground hip-hop and gain much earned respect; like his fitting song quote from “The Bomb” in Dragon Slayer, “I’m the bomb and am about to blow up”.

Bryce Poulin