2k10 belongs to avi buffalo

fresh out of high school and onto the sub pop roster? that shit doesn’t happen outside of your day dreams in algebra class when your crappy high school band stops playing maiden covers and starts touring with modest mouse. la’s avi buffalo has that “wise beyond his years” thing going on something serious. the 18-year old has a ridiculous knack for rock/pop composition, showing he has listened to more than enough neil young and beach boys records. he can sing, man can he sing, and the guitar is likely to put lead guitarists ten years his elder back into the bedroom for some scale practice.

dig on “summer cum” and “where’s your dirty mind” off his myspace, shimmering acoustic pop with more than enough wit and style. i heard avi buffalo opened for beach house in seattle a few weeks ago which probably left beach house muttering “damn” as they walked to the stage. his debut album is slated for a spring release on sub pop.

in the meantime check out his first single “what’s in it for”. i can’t describe it any better than la times writer jeff weiss who calls it an “irrepressibly catchy slice of Shins-esque jangle pop just waiting to be snagged for a crucial contretemps in a Michael Cera vehicle.” touche sir.

thanks to passion of the weiss.



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