preview rack: avatar young blaze “from russia with love”

avatar young blaze is pretty much seattle’s young jeezy. he rocks a slow, slurred, style-heavy flow over club ready beats. now hold on a sec. before you write him off as a mainstream-wannabe gangsta cornball, give his new mixtape a listen. born in russia, raised in seattle, avatar young blaze has been a fixture in seattle battle-rap circles for years, where i’ve been told (by kzuu concert vet BMC) that this kid has destroyed dudes twice his age.

“from russia with love” picks up where last years “warm blooded, cold hearted” left off: inner-city raps about guns, drugs, and being a “boss” and a “gangsta”. played-out? definitely. but you don’t have to take this stuff seriously to appreciate avatar’s wit, style, and knack for a hook. avatar got some love from national players on this one with super-producer the alchemist (dilated peoples, mobb deep, nas) contributing some really catchy club beats. rick ross, young jeezzy? nah, avatar young blaze. GET IT STUBBLEFIELDS!


avatar young blaze – “from russia with love”

new video for “zone out”. the vodka shooting chess match is awesome.


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