Band of the Week: Millionyoung

Millionyoung’s Mike Diaz has the sound of a graceful dance party. His musical creations are delicate, playfully incorporating a different mood into each track. He has you tapping your feet as well as giving into that slight bob of the head. He gives us all that and more with his debut album Replicants. Now if you want any indication on what this album is going to sound like, just take a glimpse at the album cover. With a lovely luau lady shaking it somewhere between Maui and the Milky Way, its a spot-on visual representation for the sounds Millionyoung create.

Tracks such as “Sentimental”, “On and On”, and the gushingly gorgeous “Calrissian” make this album definitely worth your listen. Replicants is aesthetically pleasing to your ears; it’s like you’re surrounded by a plethora of different songs and melodies all at once. Accompanied by Diaz’s dreamy voice as well as his ability to incorporate melodies from an assortment of eras makes Millionyoung an easy decision for KZUU’s Band Of The Week.


Brennan & Andi


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