Band of the Week: Minks

Minks lookin' super chill

Minks are another part of the never-ending stream of amazing music coming from the Captured Tracks label (see also: Beach Fossils, Wild Nothing, Craft Spells). The band has been intriguing fans of 80s-inspired pop ever since their first singles were featured on That Music Blog We Don’t Really Talk About Anymore back in June and July.

Their first full-length album, By the Hedge, came out last week. As hinted to by some of the track names (“Funeral Song”, “Cemetary Rain”, “Bruises”) the album has a dark and melancholy vibe to it, but it’s a sort of comforting sadness that prods you to listen. Although the duo (who play live as a sextet) don’t try to hide their inspiration by new wave and goth acts, By the Hedge is its own beast, and the end result is ethereal and gorgeous.

Tracks like “Out of Tune” and “Ophelia” veer on the more upbeat side of shoegaze, while others (the lone instrumental track on the album, “Indian Ocean”, and slow burners “Boys Run Wild” and “Arboretum Dogs”) take the cheeriness level down a notch. As a whole, the album is reverbed-out and requires multiple listens to fully pick out the nuances in each song. Every track on the album, though, is solid even at first listen, and you’re bound to find something to fit your mood and the theme of your show.


P.S. Minks are also now on tour with Dum Dum Girls.


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