Taylor P – Exclusive KZUU Interview

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San Francisco’s Taylor P interviewed last week on KZUU 90.7FM to talk about his influences in music, how the Bay Area shaped his musical creations, and a new album called Tokyo that he has been working hard on since his last release 8 1/2. His style is hip-hop, but it’s really hard to simplify his sound into just one musical genre. Listening to a couple songs by Taylor you instantly hear his deep roots into Rock & Roll, RnB & Jazz all put together to make hip-hop. His rappin’ and singin’ skills are exceptional and he brings such a high level of energy to his songs starting back in 3rd grade when he first began writing his own songs and raps. Following the interview, we premiered an exclusive track from his new album Tokyo called “Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride”. This song sounds like an extension from the happy-synth based sound of 8 1/2 & builds the anticipation for the full album release. Check out the full interview below & hear the new song from Tokyo that is expected to drop later in 2013!

Do your ears a favor & check out more of Taylor’s music. Some of this tracks are posted on his SoundCloud below & all his albums can be found on iTunes!

-bryce p.


The State of The Come-Up, Vol.1

Check out the new project put together by DJ Smiles, who rallied some of the dopest and most talented young artists from a wide range of genres to put together some fresh new tunes. Tune, stream and download the FREE project from the soundcloud & link below.

The project is highlighted by previous KZUU interviewer’s Sam Lachow & Raz Simone who both supply the bangers, “Banana Goo Pie” and “Pulling”.


Acoustic “Bloody Poetry” – Grieves

As we wait for Grieves and Budo’s newest album to be released, the Colorado/Seattle MC joins warped tour friend Jonathan Olivares for a mellow, relaxing rendition of his song “Bloody Poetry” off Together/Apart. Grieves silky voice and darker style brings a fresh remix to the acoustic guitar based remix. Check it out for yourself below and peak the FREE DL on soundcloud for your listening pleasure.

ORIGINAL “Bloody Poetry” from Together/Apart

No news on Grieves & Budo’s new album release date, but the thing we do know about it is that it’s gonna be DOPE. Budo has a real unique production style that fits Grieves eerie rhyming style. LISTEN, DOWNLOAD and get ready for the next solid release on the one and only RYHMESAYERS ENT.


The Final Adventure – Murs & 9th Wonder


Murs. 9th Wonder. They at is again with their latest collab album called The Last Adventure dropping November 19th. The first single called “Funeral For A Killer” already came out, and they picked up right where they have left off. 9th’s production has always been its in  own zone, perfecting the art of sampling. Hard to name a producer more talented than 9th, especially when it comes down to chopping up feel good soul tracks. Murs, fresh off his release with Fashawn called “This Generation”, produced by K-Salaam and Beatnick, the Living Legend MC continues to bring his best. The LA natives, Murs and 9th have made their mark on hip-hop a long time ago, but continue to push the limits and further their notimiation as one of the greatest MC/DJ duos of all time. Check out the vide for “Funeral for a Killer” below, and pre-order the album here!



p.s. Here is my all time favorite joint from MURS and 9th, called “Intro” off Sweet Lord.


Beats, Rhymes and West Coast MCs

Long time hip-hop star Murs and new west coast generation MC Fashawn team up to create one of the best albums of 2012. Murs is a member of the well know Living Legends crew from LA who have been making solid music and push of independent music for 15+ years. The central California native Fashawn brings the new era of west coast hiphop, joining Murs for the first official project between the CA duo and Fash’s latest official release since the critically acclaimed Boy Meets World, which was produced by Exile. This album is called This Generation and is produced by Beatnick & K-Salaam. In my opinion they are the most underrated and under appreciated producers in all of hip-hop. The match between their production and the lyrical experience and creativity of Murs and Fashawn create an sequence of songs from start to finish that make ya keep wanting more.



Do yourself a favor and pick up this LP asap as it will be on rotation for a long time and come and hands down one of the best creations of this year and this generation.

BUY: “This Generation” by Murs & Fashawn


We Gon’ Ride For The Town, ‘Cuz The Town Raised Us

KZUU’s favorite Sam Lachow joined the station last week for his third interview in the last year. Last fall we chopped it up about his debut album Brand New Bike, then in the spring Brittany Ward had Sammy on for his Avenue Music EP while cracking jokes and catching some good laughs. So this time around when Sam was accompanied by Raz and Gift uh Gab for the release of his and Raz’s 5 Good Reasons EP, we knew it was going to be nothing but a blast. This was the first project between Sam &  the fellow Seattle native Raz, who has also hopped on past tracks from Sam such as “The Best Part” and “Liquor Store”. 5 Good Reasons EP shows the chemistry between the two artists as they go back and forth on verses, heavily feeding off each other. The first single from the EP and instant classic, “Nothing’s Gonna Change” produces one of the dopest choruses I’ve heard in a long time. However, the lyrics needed to be “gangster-tized” as Sam put it and brought in the homie B-Skeez to kill it. Raz and Sam bring some real insightful lyrics building off the flawless production that Lachow (and co-producer Maggie Brown) always bring.

Lachow and Raz demonstrate what making real music should look and sound like. A bunch of talented homies having a blast, making some damn good tunes and music videos that all listeners are envious of the fun they’re having haha. Check out the interview and make sure to cop 5 Good Reasons for FREE! Even though this just came out and it’s been on constant rotation, I already can’t wait for what’s droppin’ next for Sammy Huckleberry Lachow, Raz and Black Umbrella. TOWN BIZ.


Newest Video “Coyotes” from Sam Lachow & Raz


-Bryce P.


Hip-Hop Redefining Evolutionary

Feeding off influences from Nas’s Illmatic, Common, motown music, and middle eastern Afrobeats, the Los Angeles native Toby Ganger has been creating and solidifying his own sound and style in hip-hop for many years. Orginially Toby was 1/2 of the group Inverse, in which Tunji and he put out 2 smooth releases called So Far, and So True. Still in constant rotation today in my iPod, you should definitely look into those and get a taste of some honest music. In my opinion, Inverse was the epitome of feel-good hip hop, and there wasn’t ever a time that rollin’ with the windows down in the summer with “Til’ the End (Cali)” wasn’t suitable.

Nonetheless, Toby and Tunji were working in different directions and decided to seperate onto their own solo careers a while back. Since then Toby has been grinding on the creation of his Evolutionary EP series, which I heard about way back in 2010 when he called into KZUU for his first interview. Since then the first Evolutionary EP has been released, gaining highly positive feedback and containing all live instrumentation with no samples. Staring on the EP is the cut, “Sunshine Blues” ft. Deacon the Villian of Cunninglynguists, which their relationship dates back the to early Inverse days. With the upcoming Evolutionary 2 EP coming out Oct. 10th you can’t help but get excited to see what the Cali MC drops next. A new song title “Nowhere to Run” was premiered on KZUU last week as he hopped on KZUU for the 2nd time with me to talk about the new project. Hear the new song below, and check out the interview as well.

Toby’s one of the most genuine dudes in hip-hop right now & give ’em a tune. Hip-Hop is Evolutionary.

check em’ out and cop the Evolutionary EPs at www.listentotoby.com

Play: Sunshine Blues ft. Deacon the Villian

-Bryce P.