KZUU Top 30 — 10/11

Hey hey hey yall, this is yer boy Evan coming back for a guest blog!! It’s been a while lolll. Guess What! We have a new #1 this week and it’s The DeerHunters. They just put out a really cool CD called Hallion Digest or something like that I dunno I suck at spelling haha. No but seriously, its a good album and you should listen to it more. This has been a really good year at KZUU and with bands like Dearhunter it can only get better! Well I gotta go but it’s been good blogging for you again, Rachel will be back next week. Cya!


  1. DEERHUNTER — Halcyon Digest
  2. MAXIMUM BALLOON — Maximum Balloon
  3. THE APPLES IN STEREO — Travellers in Space and Time
  4. CLOUD NOTHINGS — Turning On
  5. SOFT CAT — Wildspace
  6. LCD SOUNDSYSTEM — This Is Happening
  7. JOSIAH WOLF — Jet Lag
  8. GLASSER — Ring
  9. LOST IN THE TREES — All Alone in an Empty House
  10. JUSTIN TOWNES EARLE — Harlem River Blues
  11. DELTA SPIRIT — History from Below
  12. BLONDE REDHEAD — Penny Sparkle
  13. DR. DOG — Shame, Shame
  14. THE NATIONAL — High Violet
  15. BEST COAST — Crazy for You
  16. JENNY AND JOHNNY — I’m Having Fun Now
  17. TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB — Tourist History
  18. JEREMY JAY — Splash
  19. ELECTRIC SUNSET — Electric Sunset
  20. THE THERMALS — Personal Life
  21. TYPHOON — Hunger and Thirst
  22. FROG EYES — Paul’s Tomb: A Triumph
  23. JUNIP — Fields
  24. WAVVES — King of the Beach
  25. THESE UNITED STATES — What Lasts
  26. DEPARTMENT OF EAGLES — Archive 2003-2006
  27. THE WALKMEN — Lisbon
  28. THE TALLEST MAN ON EARTH — The Wild Hunt
  29. CARIBOU — Swim
  30. S. CAREY — All We Grow

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