Preview Rack – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

This album came out awhile ago (July 14), but we’ve only gotten it into the preview rack recently. If you’re into the hippie vibe that Devendra Banhart gives off, then definitely give Edward Sharpe a spin. Except, while Devendra’s sort of a hipster-hippie, Edward Sharpe is a collective of serious neo-hippies who just love everyone and everything for reals. There’s really nothing to hate about their debut, Up from Below, which is full of happy, sunny music to get you through the apocalyptic winters of Pullman. They whistle. Come on.

But feel free to make your own judgments. Below is the video for their song “Home.”

Additionally–if you haven’t heard by now, there’s this organization called Stereopathic, which brings indie music to Pullman and Moscow. If you feel like seeing Edward Sharpe, the place to be is the Bell Tower in Pullman on December 4th. Tickets can be found at

Stereopathic (as well as Edward Sharpe) deserves our support, and what’s not to like about an all-ages venue in Pullman? So give them all a big fat hippie hug at the Bell Tower on December 4th.


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