Slow Magic – How to Run Away

With his second full-length album How to Run Away, Slow Magic has overjoyed me with the pleasure of smooth melodies and skipping beats that just flow together to slowly ooze magic into my ears. The more I listen to the tracks on this new album, the more I praise it for being an incredibly well-done piece of art. He employs a lot of vocal samples but manages to tone them down just the right amount by layering them with ambient sounds and unique textures that create a beautiful harmony. He’s definitely one of the more promising DJs that are up-coming in the electronic music scene.

What else is unique about this dude? Well, honestly, I couldn’t tell ya. He shares little to no information about his identity meanwhile hiding behind a mask at all performances and musical appearances on the internet. I don’t have a problem with that, though. I actually think that his multi-colored, glowing fox mask works for him. It adds a colorful visual imagery that always pops up in my head every time his music plays.

Check out my favorite track, Girls.

I love bits and pieces of the piano and percussion sounds throughout the entire piece. Usually, an excessive repetition in a song bores/annoys me but this mysteriously talented dude really works it in with the genius cuts of the vocal samples.

Waited 4 U is a close tie with my first choice. Sometimes this replaces Girls and becomes my favorite, depending on my mood. So smooth, so flowy, so precisely mastered, and yet still pumpin’ dancey.

Which one is your favorite?



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