Lovechild – “In Heaven, Everything is Fine​.​”


Hailing from Boston Massachusetts Lovechild is a hardcore punk band which came into fruition in the summer of 2013. Formerly known as Cerce, Lovechild, play a scornful, grimy, aggressive style of punk that encompasses hints of powerviolence. Sonically the songs are stripped down, fast and boisterous. Their sound will appeal to fans of Early Trash Talk, Dangers, and Raw Nerve.

With this newest EP “In Heaven Everything Is Fine” Lovechild powers through 11 tracks in a short 12 minutes. What this EP lacks in length is made up for in pure raw sonic madness. This EP begins and ends so hastily that the listener is left feeling like they were hit by an oncoming freight train. It is nice to see a modern hardcore band in 2014 playing no filler straight forward aggressive tunes. After listening to this EP a couple of time I can tell that Lovechild is a band that everyone should definitely be paying attention to. Lovechild isn’t reinventing the wheel but when you write songs that are this good you don’t have to. You can download the EP, along with lovechild’s previous demos, for free from bandcamp and if you are interested in buying a physical copy of the 7” the EP is available for pre-order via Mayfly Records. Links below.

– SJ.

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