Flatbush Zombies x Trash Talk – “97.92”

Trash Talk Zombies


Flatbush Zombies’ “Architect” Erick Elliot has made almost all of the beats that the NY hip hop group have put out so far. There’s a few notable exceptions (see the Harry Fraud production “Live From Hell”) but the lack of outside producers shouldn’t feel like a bad thing. Erick is a skilled producer and rapper, and his sound meshes pretty much perfectly with fellow rappers Zombie Juice and Meechy Darko.

Trash Talk are a Sacramento hardcore outfit famously signed to the Odd Future label, and those expecting a collaboration of violent and energetic proportions may be disappointed. “97.92” is nice though. The beat laid down by Trash Talk’s Garrett Stevenson is a grimy, New York thumper complete with reversed samples and drums a bit faded in the mix. Erick starts and Juice follows, but it’s Meech who again shines the brightest — with his gravelly voice that sorta sounds like a cross between Busta Rhymes and The D.O.C. after he got his larynx crushed. Erick and Juice are capable, surface-level MCs but with Meech you have to dig a little deeper. He’s “gotta keep it cryptic/powers that be wanna censor us/They’re trying to make some sense of us/I just told them cash the check/go and make some cents with us.” The Zombies haven’t yet released a proper “album”, though more mixtapes won’t leave anyone complaining. Stream “97.92” below.

– Daniel

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