Spark Master Tape – “Propeica”

Spark Master Tape is a mysterious rapper that’s known for his DJ Screw beats courtesy of producer Paper Platoon and a deepening vocal effect much like what Flying Lotus does with Captain Murphy. There seems to be a bit of a trend in hip hop in this regard with rappers like A$AP Rocky deepening the vocals on his hooks, and Lil Ugly Mane using the same technique on most of his verses. Spark Master Tape’s beats almost always feature the stuttering hi hats that everyone seems to be using these days. The southern, chopped and screwed sound that Three Six Mafia brought to the table years ago is certifiably back, and here to stay. 

What’s interesting about Spark Master Tape, and something that separates him a bit from other trap rappers, are the rhymes themselves.  His subject matter covers a wide territory, though that isn’t to say Spark Master doesn’t still diverge towards typical trap-rap tropes. On “Propeica”, Spark Master Tape raps about “the hood looking like Vietnam” over some dark graveyard production. When it comes down to it, the real star here is without a doubt the Paper Platoon beat. The short verses are distorted pretty heavily in spots to the point where you can’t really here what’s being said, and they lead quickly towards the loud hook that no doubt knocks hard. Spark Master still delivers some clever lines (“fuck a backpack/I pack gats/like I’m in a western.” Everyone seems to want to know who exactly Spark Master Tape is, but the music is certainly speaking for itself, and like the sound he embodies he’ll definitely be here for a while.

Stream “Propeica” below.

— Daniel

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