Of Mice & Men “Restoring Force”


The long awaited 3rd studio album from California metal band Of Mice & Men was expected to reach high expectations. But after the departure of vocalist and guitarist Shayley Bourget, it is obvious where all creative aspects of the group’s former albums had come from. Restoring Force lacks emotion and originality. I hate to use the term sell-out, but this album is almost text book definition. The sound of the band has completely changed to be purely “for radio” and “nu-metal”.  With the completely generic lyrics in “You’re Not Alone” and the typical alternative rock sounding guitar riffs, the only glimpse of the old OM&M is in the few intense moments of songs like “Public Service Announcement” and “Identity Disorder”.

Although this album has really been a disappointment for me there is a glimmer of hope that Of Mice & Men can stray from their  generic influence and restore some force toward their original sound.




Give it a listen anyways….maybe I’m just completely biased.


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