2013 Was Good, 2014 Has Potential To Be Better.

2013 saw the rise of trap to levels no one expected.  A niche genre not but a year ago has built it’s way into sets by all sorts of artists, and is being produced on an unfathomable scale. That being said, so much of it is absolutely horrible.  Following in the footsteps of the rise of big room house, trap has taken a slippery slope down the generic, banger sound that brings nothing new to the table.  Luckily there are some gems still to be found, and the genre is not to be totally discarded.  Similar to how as big room grew, deeper, more mellow house going back to early house sounds also started to make a come back, as the banger trap explodes onto the edm scene, in the shadows there is a growing host of chill out melodic trap that can be great to kick it to.  Check these out-

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