Dog Bite – Tranquilizers

Every January around this time I’m usually sliding into the phase where 90% of what I listen to is chillwave.  Something about the cold, grey outdoors moves me to reach out to something warm and saturated.  Dog Bite’s latest LP Tranquilizers happens to fit the niche I’m looking to fill this time of year with its misty atmosphere and transcendent vocals.  With a name like Dog Bite, I initially expected an album filled with guitar-smashing punk fury.  But I was pleasantly surprised upon hearing the laid-back, CASIO-driven sounds, displaying that their album title was well-earned.  That’s a lot of hyphens.  Dog Bite’s frontman is the former keyboardist from Washed Out, whose influence is apparent in the first minute of the opening track.  Rooted in its thick chillwave sounds is a clear affinity for 80’s new-wave music, which perfectly compliments Phil Jones’ deep, mellow vocals.  Give Tranquilizers a spin the next time you’re relaxing in your warm apartment/dorm, looking out at the frozen tranquility that encapsulates our area.



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