Eskimo Eyes – “i cant think”

ImageEskimo Eyes is an endearing DIY bedroom project from Nelson, New Zealand powered by Ike Zwanikken. i cant think is his first release under this project and I think you guys might really like it. He recorded everything himself and cleverly improvises things like snaps and claps by banging keys and even a pizza cutter against a table. This 5-track EP opens with a tune entitled “Don’t Stay Long” which starts out more ambient until the beat kicks in. It is driven by cut up, pitched down, swaying vocals and backed by steady claps. “Do / Get” samples the intro of Kendrick Lamar’s track “Poetic Justice” which serves as kind of a echo-y background to the intricate clinking and drone-y tune. The third song, “May” was the only one out of the five that was recorded in the home the Zwanikken grew up in (as opposed to his current home in Nelson) whilst visiting family and you can even hear his niece and nephew yelling in the background from time to time. This is where the piano and rain were recorded and all of this combined gives the track, interestingly enough, a warm and comfortable “at home” feel. I don’t want to give it all away so I’ll let you guys listen to the rest for yourselves.

You can stream i cant think in full above and keep on the lookout for more new material on his bandcamp page HERE. The download includes an alternate version to the fourth track. Songs written and produced by Ike Zwanikken himself and mastered by his brother Bo.


One thought on “Eskimo Eyes – “i cant think”

  1. I liked “i can’t think”. First of all it’s always admirable and noticeable when all sounds are being recorded by author. It’s a warranty that listener will love what you’ve created instead of popular patterns from other artists. it’s cool. thanks.

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