Bombay Bicycle Club Returns With A New Sound

1385_41949_bombay_bicycle_clubIt’s been a couple years since we have heard any new material from Bombay Bicycle Club. Recently the indie-rock group has taken a new approach to their fourth upcoming album, set to release sometime next year.

When we hear Bombay Bicycle Club we automatically revert back to the track “Always Like This” from their first album, I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose. With a track like that there was no denying that the band had refined the indie-rock genre. Their second album on the hand was very different from their previous album. Flaws was more of an acoustic and soft record. Giving off a folk like vibe that I found very delightful and charming. The third album A Different Kind Of Fix gave us tracks like “Shuffle” and “Lights Out, Words Gone.” These songs go back to Bombay’s old roots but and in the meantime were able to discovery a different feel to the album. Listening to the album we can hear little hints of 80’s new wave fused together with pop and indie-folk.

With the upcoming fourth album, “Carry Me” is the single off of the album and by listening to this track I couldn’t help but feel anxious and excited for what the rest of the album has in store. “Carry Me” gives off a euphoric feel with a slight industrial yet heavily percussive sound giving the song a grand appeal. I think front-man Jack Steadman has got something brilliant on his hands. This is nothing like the classic songs of Bombay Bicycle Club but their new approach I believe will attract new listeners.

Having had a listened to “Carry Me” repetitively there is no doubt that this next album will translate that euphoric feel with a new sound to follow.
– Catalina

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