Death Grips – “Government Plates”


Truth be told, I had nothing planned to post today. I was considering posting about UK queer grime rapper Roxxxan (who you should still definitely check out) but as I’m sitting here I see Death Grips have uploaded a new album… mixtape… Soundcloud thing? It’s called Government Plates and features some of the Exmilitary style no-hooks all-chaos rap that originally got the Sacramento-based trio buzzing in 2011. Notable, however, is the big production improvements and inclusion of recently released single “Birds”. If it’s even possible, MC Ride’s voice gets even more intense than ever before here, especially on the ear shattering “Anne Bonny”. Knowing Death Grips, I can’t promise this will be around for a while, they could delete it in an hour or it might be an official thing. Who knows. Stream below for the time being.

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