Vissuda – On the Verge


Vissuda is a cool new band who’s debut LP “On the Verge” is just a bit over a month old now. I didn’t know what to expect for my first listen, normally I at least have a mildly fleshed out page for me to judge, so when I had trouble even finding a genre tag on the band you can imagine I was feeling a little skeptical. Well I regret it now because this album is good! The album starts off strong with some solid alt rock jams, but Vissuda isn’t afraid to mix it up with some psychedelic tones, experimental styles, and at some points (which I coincidentally find to be my favorite parts) even borderline ambient tracks as the album goes on, On the Verge is more ambitious then what it’s singles might lend you to believe.

My favorite track is probably a tie between The Turning and Cross the Line, but their probably best listened to in the context of the whole album. The song I included at the bottom is called Twice and is a single off the album that they’ve had up for some months now, check it out!


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