Sun Glitters – “Only You”


KZUU is bringing you a new track from Sun Glitters called “Only You”. Sun Glitters (aka Victor Ferreira) is an electronic producer from Luxembourg known for his lush, sun drenched, choppy tunes that always remind you of those warm summer days. Yes, summer has now come to an end for most of us but we can dream, right? After releasing his debut album in 2011 and releasing a handful of EPs and singles, it is exciting news that Sun Glitters will be releasing his first full length on November 26th entitled Scattered Into Light (via Mush).

“Only You” is the first preview we have gotten off of his upcoming release which definitely makes it something to look forward to. The track starts off lightly then builds up as he slowly adds in more and more layers of sound. The reverb, echoing synths, crackly texture, and chopped up vocals of Sara Cappai of this track will leave you day dreaming about a sunnier day.

Stream “Only You” below.

You can check out more of his music on his soundcloud and more of Sara Cappai’s work with Diverting Duo here.



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