Body/Head – Coming Apart


Coming Apart is the debut album of Kim Gordon’s side project Body/Head. Teaming up with Bill Nace (experimental guitarist extraordinaire), Gordon’s new album is a surreal exploration of sound.

Even though Coming Apart was made with just the duo’s guitars and Gordon’s vocals, the album never feels like it’s missing anything. In fact, the album feels very full, almost engulfing. Gordon and Nace masterfully occupy the airspace in the album, sometimes with a less-is-more approach, and sometimes with continuous, crashing waves of distortion. If you listen closely you can hear small segments of Sonic Youth inspired guitar work here and there, but the album does not at all rely or even often fall back on these elements, instead Gordon shows she’s perfectly capable creating something of her own. Speaking of Gordon, her vocals in the album are some of it’s most intriguing elements. She stretches her monotone moans over wide areas of distortion in true experimental fashion

In terms of where you should start, find an hour where you’re not doing anything an start at the very beginning; this album is not so much something that you listen to but more so something that you fall into, an experience. I don’t know if I’d call it a concept album, but it has that engrossing feeling of one. If given your attention, this album will easily mesmerize you for 1:08:03

I haven’t seen them live myself but from what I’ve seen they play a rad show in front of a bunch of slow motion movies off a projector, I can only imagine it being a very cool experience and I highly suggest going to see them if you ever get the chance.BodyHead6776844510_a39ec7254f_b

Coming Apart is out now via Matador Records.

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