Factory Floor’s analog noise


DFA Records has the reputation of releasing the best of the now mostly dead “dance punk” genre. LCD Soundsystem, Yacht, The Rapture, and Hercules and Love Affair all have releases on the label. Even the very DJ friendly, dancefloor ready sounds of The Juan Maclean and Black Dice have sounded close at home to their dance punk counterparts. Factory Floor changes all that by being not just ready for the dancefloor, but being the first distinctly experimental group on the label.

Analog is the key for the threesome from London. The group uses analog equipment from synthesizers, modulators, drum machines, and sequencers, along with the addition of a drum kit and guitar. The use of analog gives the group’s self titled debut full length a nice warm organic sound to it. Factory Floor also uses distinctly noisy sounds which never feel brutal, but more fuzzy than anything (although if you’re looking for something menacing, this Perc remix does quite nicely). 

The lead single “Two Different Ways” is the best exemplar of these qualities. The synth line almost harkens back to Mr. Fingers style acid house, but it still retains the experimental and industrial quality of Throbbing Gristle. The added use of vocals from Nikki Colk (who appeared as Void in the group Carter Tutti Void, with members of X-TG and Throbbing Gristle) really deepens the effect of the track.

Factory Floor isn’t without a misstep though. The tracks on the album sometimes run bleed together, with a clear sense of difference in each song. Luckily three interludes (the ingeniously named “One”, “Two”, and “Three”) break the album up nicely, serving as nice segues.

Factory Floor is out on September 10th through DFA Records. Until check out “Two Different Ways”

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