Chvrches – The Bones of What You Believe


Chvrches Announce Full Album Details, Share

Since coming together only two years ago, Chvrches has exploded in online popularity, rivaling some of the already well-seasoned groups in the electro-pop scene.  In September 2012 the Glasgow trio released their breakthrough single “The Mother We Share” which captivated the internet music lurker community with their punchy synth-beats and Mayberry’s crisp vocal melodies.  On September 23 Chvrches is due to release their much anticipated debut album “The Bones of What You Believe”.  Listeners should expect to hear the infectious hooks and driving samples that sold us from their various singles and Recover EP.  With as much hype that is currently surrounding this group, there is no doubt that “The Bones of What You Believe” will give them the push they need to become a household name among indie-electropop fans.  While browsing through various music blogs and cat videos last night I had stumbled upon a leak of the new album on youtube.  After giving it a brief listen (it was late) I was thoroughly satisfied with their retention of the catchy sounds that I had fell in love with last year.  The youtube video, unsurprisingly has been taken down but the leak has most likely been distributed throughout the dark alleyways that are the music downloading hosts since then.  However, I must say that if you enjoy the music that this group makes then give them your money!  They make music you like so why not reward them for it?  Alright, I’m done preaching.  In less than three weeks we will have our latest electro-pop fix from Chrvrches.  Be sure to check out their latest single if you somehow haven’t already.



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