Emily Reo – Olive Juice


I don’t know what the average person does on Labor Day but I, personally, spent the day sleeping, doing laundry, and listening to Emily Reo‘s Olive Juice backwards and forwards.

Releasing tomorrow (Sept. 3rd) via Elestial SoundOlive Juice is the debut LP from Florida native Emily Reo that’s been in the works for the past 3 years. Perhaps you heard some of her work previously in the 4-way split tape she released earlier this year with Yohuna, Moonlasso, and Brown Bread, where the tracks Peach and Metal off of Olive Juice were revealed. If this is your first introduction to Reo’s particular brand of woozy electronic dream-pop then, um, you’re welcome.

This album has quickly become one of my favorite “happy” releases of the year so far (I categorize things based on whether they’re happy, sad, or bangable. But that’s just me.) (TMI?). Despite it’s downtempo, hazy beat, the record feels beautiful in a happy, optimistic way. To me, it feels as though it’s coming from someone who has recently fallen into the haze of new love.

This is a big time for Reo because not only is she releasing Olive Juice but she’s moving from the East Coast to Los Angeles (I haven’t the faintest idea why) and decided to do a tour along the way. She’s bringing along her friends Cuddle Formation and Peace Arrow for Tour 64, which started in Boston, to share their new material in an intimate setting (and hold Mario Kart N64 tournaments!).

We’re so fortunate and excited for them to stop HERE IN PULLMAN (that’s right folks, someone’s actually stopping here) to play a small house show at Maiden Haven on September 15th. If you’re interested in attending, all that’s asked is that you donate $2-5 for gas for the band. That’s it.

Once again, you’re welcome.

– Jasmine

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