Danny Brown – “ODB”

danny brown old

There’s a certain state of mind you have to be in to really enjoy a Danny Brown song. Somewhere between a road rage-fueled car chase and a meth-induced nightmare lies the attitude Brown spits out on his music. It’s like Enter the Void meets Hustle & Flow, played back twice as fast.

“ODB”, the first single from his upcoming album OLD, is clever straight from the get-go. The title is a nice reference to the legendary Dirt McGirt, but Brown labels himself a more literal type of dirty old bastard. “But in the end I’m just a dirty old man / with a pill in my mouth and my dick in my hand” goes the inkling of a hook. Paul White’s syrupy, neo-psychedelic beat is exactly the kind of track Brown can run through like a knife, and the video’s terrifying neon-lit distortions only add to the druggy vibe. OLD, with collaborations from Purity Ring, Rustie, Freddie Gibbs and more, is said to be both his most aggressive and inscrutable work yet. Consider me officially on board this weird, weird hype train.



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