Action Bronson/Harry Fraud – Compliments to the Chef (feat. Lauriana Mae)


Peter Rosenberg of New York’s Hot 97 is prepping a new mixtape titled The New York Renaissance, and “Compliments to the Chef” is the first track to be released from the project. The track features Action Bronson rhyming about life and death over a slightly mellowed piano roll supplied by up-and-comer Harry Fraud.

Action Bronson has made a name for himself in the independent hip hop world the past two years and he’s really starting to craft his own distinct style. You don’t hear many comparisons to Ghostface anymore and that’s how it should be. Their voices sound the same but the similarities end there. Here Bronson spits that he’s “trying to find the answers to these problem I’ve been pondering”. He talks about being jaded from birth and after the first hook he swiftly changes up the subject matter. His second verse is typical Bronson — clever wordplay with cringeworthy sexual metaphors. Action Bronson is kind of an acquired taste but if you’re into that then this track will no doubt satisfy.

Harry Fraud made a case for producer of the year in 2012, and so far in 2013 he’s kept up the trend. The Brooklyn-based beatsmith is racking up the all-star collaborations and pretty much every time you hear “la musica de Harry Fraud” in a track’s intro you know that you’re about to hear a banger. It’s pretty obvious that these two are perfect for each other (see Bird on a Wire with Riff Raff) and this track certainly verifies that their proposed Saab Stories LP is something to get hyped about.

His production here isn’t typical Fraud. The beat is smooth with a killer piano loop to boot. There’s some organs in the mix and the drums are perfectly restrained. It’s nice to see Harry Fraud flex some diversity and Bronson more than does the beat justice. The New York hip hop scene is rising and these two dudes are definitely at the forefront. Check out the new track below.


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