Raz Simone – Solomon Samuel Simone EP

Raz Simone (formerly known as Razpy) fresh off his September release of 5 Good Reasons with the homie Sam Lachow, is back again with his first official EP, Soloman Samuel Simone. Brought to you by Black Umbrella, the 206 native drops 5 brand new cuts  that instantly prove why he is one highlights of the young artists in Seattle today. I have never really been a fan of the phrase “up-&-coming” as it is perceived that the music is progressing, but not on the level of other hip-hop artists. Give this EP one tune and you’ll soon understand there is nothing up and coming back this & that it tops 95% of all other mass produced hip-hop albums coming out of blogs these days. It’s damn refreshing for projects like this to come out and demonstrate the right way of doing hip-hop. It is some truthful and insightful hip-hop, telling stories of a young man and his path to this day. Check out the video for “Sometimes I Don’t ft. Sam Lachow below” & DOWNLOAD THE PROJECT HERE FOR FREE! Spread this to every blog and mass of people you can.


Follow: @RazSimone


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