Spring Break Singles! (Jonas Rathsman//James Zabiela + Hot Chip remix//Classixx)

Hi all! Hope your spring break is going well! Just thought I might hit you with some new great single releases that i’m sure you’ll dig.

“Bring You Down” has shot itself to the top of my “funkiest song of the year” list that at its core simply sounds cool, leaving aside it’s musical complexity and with it a great bit of all-out brilliance. I’m a sucker for an original drum beat and groovy vocal loops. But above all, it’s the power that the song brings at various parts of the song that are thoroughly infectious and basically scream summer. Check it out, it’s available as a free download too!

I am blown away by James Zabiela’s newest single, “The Healer”. Though reminiscent of a post-dubstep beat, it simply cannot be described that directly. It’s quite mystifying overall, with a beautiful staccato-bell-like-thing loop following you throughout the track, with a plethora of other sounds and beats joining at a variety of different points in the song. It’s a beautiful song that is great to chill out to in the waning days of spring break.

But wait, the last days of spring break? That means turning up the intensity  it’s almost over! Home stretch until summer! Personally, I find it absolutely fitting that Hot Chip remixed “The Healer” but the vibe I get from it (aside from the “goodness this is absolutely phenomenal!” one) is that of a Sasha Remix. (Maybe Hot Chip got inspiration from his remix of their “Flutes” track?) It’s one of the best remixes I’ve heard in a long while, and is irresistible  It’s hard not to nod your head to the pulsating beat that is so Hot-Chip-esque. I love it. I’m sure you will too.

Speaking of Sasha, his newest remix compliation mix CD “Involver 3” will be released next Monday.

Last but certainly not least are the California duo Classixx who always have a ton of different musical tricks up their sleeves  with a new sound evident in every release they have. Check our the electro-pop like song “Borderline.” I need to find a beach, fast.

– Nick

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