Spring Break EPs! (Les Sins//Tourist//Brett Gould)

Spring break! It’s here! And that means warm weather and seasonal sounds coming up real fast, if it hasn’t already. The following are three EPs that I’ll be playing all week as we simmer into long awaited warm weather, and I think you should check out too!

At long last, we get more of Les Sins, Toro Y Moi’s dance project. It’s a shame it’s not a big batch of tracks, but, I’ll take what I can get as the music off his Les Sins project is so damn infectious. The ceaselessly cool beat and absurdly groovy bass in “Grind” weaves its way through distortion in the forms of guitar riffs and vocal samples. All in all, it seems like such a welcoming sun’s rays that make their presence known in March. Not blistering hot, but enough to break through the chilly wind to make you go aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. “Prelims” is just as neat, with some heavy bass a great eclectic vibe that is easy to dig within seconds. This EP is simply refreshing.

Next is the Tonight EP, which is definitely one of the more mystifying EPs I’ve ever come across. I’d like to say it’s a blend of trip-hop, glitch, post-dubstep, and witch-house, but that just doesn’t work out. Even a nod to Purity Ring influence isn’t right, or Crystal Castles for that matter. The EP transcends a unique variety of different sounds, pace, emotion, and beats, that is hard not to appreciate, let alone enjoy. At times it’s even got a scary vibe, with how hazy and distorted it sounds. Definitely check this EP out.

Last but not least is a back to basics, right back to the roots House EP. Brett Gould has created an EP with drums that are at times stunningly complex, and I really like what he has done with the vocal samples. I highly recommend it a bunch, especially if you like me kinda miss the mid-2000s house sound. Big pounding drums, infectous loops and an all-round awesome EP with every track being a joy.

– Nick

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