KZUU’s Cure For Your Boredom

If you’re anything like us or what seems like 90% of campus right now, then you’re probably sick. Which means you’re also probably lying in bed bingeing on Netflix. No shame in that. But if you’ve already run through every season of Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead then check out these awesome music videos by some of our favorite bands right now (and then maybe take a shower ya slob).

Ra Ra Riot – Beta Love

If you’ve listened to KZUU at all in the past couple of weeks then you’ve probably heard the title track off of Ra Ra Riot’s Beta Love at some point. But have you seen this video? I mean, nothing puts a smile on my face faster than watching white people in bright outfits from the ‘70s awkwardly dance. Let’s all just laugh at them for a moment. Done? Good. Because in 20 years our children will be laughing at the videos of us dancing. Or crying…I’ve seen you at Stubbies you dirty dirty kids.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – So Good At Being In Trouble

What do you get when you cross Unknown Mortal Orchestra, a hippie commune (possibly cult), and an older, crazed McLovin bashing a baseball bat around with pantyhose on his head. The video for UMO’s track So Good At Being In Trouble off of their sophomore album, aptly titled II, of course! Along with McLovin, (or Chris Mintz-Plasse if you prefer to refer to his birth name. I do not.) the video also stars director Ruban Nielson, who has worked with Animal Collective and Black Dice.

Aan – Mystery Life

If you missed Aan at the Belltower on February 8th for the Built to Spill show then I don’t know what to tell you. Basically you need to reevaluate your life choices because it was an amazing night of music. These guys are super cool and apparently know how to put together a super cool music video as well because this one is fantastic. It’s a story of life, friendship, betrayal and, ultimately, death. Plus it’s just f$%#ing funny.

MØ – Glass

Danish electro-pop artist MØ (known by her mother as Karen Marie Ørsted) is one bad ass chick. Or at least that’s what I gather from this video for her amazing track Glass. She twirls a hula hoop in slow motion, smokes cigarettes at a casino, hangs out at aquariums, uses a vacuum to suck up her hair, whips her hair back n forth, and has a very sad goth friend who appears to enjoy grocery stores and rubik’s cubes. If that isn’t the epitome of a badass then I don’t know what is. But in all seriousness, the only thing that matters in this video is THAT VEST. Holy mother of god is that not the best thing you’ve ever seen? I see a new project in my future…

Also, FYI: MØ’s debut LP Waiting For Something To Happen will be released sometime this year.

Foxygen – San Francisco

This is another track that’s been getting a lot of airplay here at KZUU and for good reason! I double dog dare you to try to be sad while listening to this song. It’s not physically possible. It’s all happy, sunshine, sparkles, and freaking rainbows coming out of the speakers through this song. This correlates squarely with the ‘70s in my mind. Ahhh the days of love, peace, music, and drugs. Foxygen’s latest release, We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors Of Peace & Magic is very clearly ‘70s influenced and there’s no reason the video should be otherwise. Just sit back, relax, maybe smoke a bowl (hey it’s legal now! I can say that!) and let Foxygen take you on a beautiful ride to happiness.

Portland Cello Project – Please Leave a Light On When You Go (featuring Patti King), from Beck Hansen’s Song Reader

Call me a nerd, but the cello may be one of my most favorite instruments in the entire world. Portland Cello Project has been together for six years and covered the gamut of artists such as Radiohead, Kanye West, and Justin Timberlake. But the sextet has stepped its game up and has taken on all of Beck Hansen’s Song Reader. If you’re unfamiliar with what that is, basically Beck decided to release his latest album as sheet music only, for artists to take a stab at playing and putting their own spin on. Portland Cello Project and Patti King of Radiation City took on Please Leave a Light on When You Go and it is fantastic. Seriously. Check out their entire album on iTunes.

Oh, and you’re welcome.

– Jasmine


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