Album In Review: Young Dreams’ “Between Places”

Going through multiple albums a day at the KZUU offices, I rarely get this excited about an upcoming artist. Nevertheless, I haven’t been this impressed and absolutely enthralled in a debut album of this caliber for quiet sometime. Young Dream’s debut album Between Places is a carefully crafted indie-pop explosion of shimmering synths, lush samples, grand choruses, pounding percussion, and the always gravitating Beach Boys influence. It’s a collection of songs that reignite the listeners youthful side, hopeful for what tomorrow has to offer.


Hailing from the arctic temperatures of Norway, it’s surprising Young Dreams pull off a sound that resembles nothing short of a warm summer breeze. The act itself is led by Matias Tellez and Chris Holm, yet the group exists as a ever changing line-up accounting for as many as twelve band members. That being said, the groups abundance of minds could be a good explanation for each tracks dense wall of sound, existing of layer upon layer of floating string arrangements and playful vocal melodies. This group’s exuberant energy leaves little bits of personality in every track.

“First Days of Something” one of the albums many highlights, deems the most approachable track. Blooming with each delicate background harmony, the song’s instrumentation is rich with vibrant synth-lines and Zimbabwean-style guitar rifts. As the track progresses it utilizes all previous instrumentation into a frenzy of countless melodies. The track’s alluring indie-pop landscape is a delightful addition to any summer playlist. However, the album’s most intriguing moment takes place at “Through The Turnstiles,” coming close to nearly seven and a half minutes in length, this particular track draws from the vocal stylings of Brian Wilson and heightens them to the most whimsical degree. The contrast between orchestral bliss and dance-floor ready synth-lines pulls the listener in a time warp, reciting musical formulas from 60’s dream pop to 90’s trance. It’s the type of epic track that encompasses music’s densely populated genres and morphs them into something so much more.

Between Places is an album that takes a perfectly crafted indie-pop formula and amplifies it with all the bells and whistles. Young Dreams bombastic approach to indie-pop constructs a collection of songs that prove to be just as grand as you envision them in your mind.


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