Rainy Milo – “Limey”

I’ve been meaning to write about this little EP for a long time. After much delay, I figured Valentines day would be the best time for it. “Limey” actually made it’s way to ears late last year, but as a whole, was very, very overlooked by many people. Rainy Milo is a south London native, and her accent is so clear it gives the EP a really neat touch. Her voice is soft yet oddly commanding. She ranges from a clear to a smoky sound. The beats are simple yet oh so groovy. The soulfulness is reminiscent of Amy Whinehouse but with the composure of Aluna Francis, and a ton of shy innocence, or calm sternness  Either way, it’s easy to get lost in this mixtape, filled with musical joys that will move you one way or another. It’s a really gorgeous mix of R&B, soul, and hip hop beats, as well as an inkling of garage. Even whispers of a jazz influence is there too. Indeed this mixtape is a near celebration of back to basics vocal ability and musical wonder, that is certainly hard to find nowadays. It’s easily one of the more vocally unique bits of individual creativity I’ve heard in a while. Songs range between emotions akin to mournfulness, admiration, wistfulness and longing. Like floorboards of an old building, the creaks and odd variances in Rainy Milo’s voice have a story to tell, and strength is within their respective experiences. Every track on this EP is gold. I promise it is definitely worth your time, no matter what your musical preference may be.

As an added bonus, the EP is available for a free download. (Link is on her soundcloud.)

– Nick

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