Thee Oh Sees – “Minotaur”


In preparation for my inaugural trip to SXSW in about a month, I’ve compiled a cute little list on my phone titled IF YOU DON’T SEE THESE BANDS AT SXSW KILL YOURSELF, which contains a few of my favorite artists from last year as well as some longtime favorites I either want to see again or have never seen (Deerhunter, Beach Fossils, Laurel Halo, How to Dress Well, Death Grips, etc). One band that I haven’t seen before that is atop my list right now is Thee Oh Sees. Aside from being one of the most prolific rock bands around today (they’ve released 7 albums in the past 5 years), they put on one of the most visceral, intense live shows around. Their newest album, titled Floating Coffin comes out April 16th and supposedly contains a lot darker material than their last few albums, which already were dark enough. Regardless, you can hear the relatively tame string-laden first single “Minotaur” below, and catch a live video of a blistering live performance of “The Dream”.


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