Taylor P – Exclusive KZUU Interview

Screen shot 2013-02-04 at 2.17.03 PM

San Francisco’s Taylor P interviewed last week on KZUU 90.7FM to talk about his influences in music, how the Bay Area shaped his musical creations, and a new album called Tokyo that he has been working hard on since his last release 8 1/2. His style is hip-hop, but it’s really hard to simplify his sound into just one musical genre. Listening to a couple songs by Taylor you instantly hear his deep roots into Rock & Roll, RnB & Jazz all put together to make hip-hop. His rappin’ and singin’ skills are exceptional and he brings such a high level of energy to his songs starting back in 3rd grade when he first began writing his own songs and raps. Following the interview, we premiered an exclusive track from his new album Tokyo called “Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride”. This song sounds like an extension from the happy-synth based sound of 8 1/2 & builds the anticipation for the full album release. Check out the full interview below & hear the new song from Tokyo that is expected to drop later in 2013!

Do your ears a favor & check out more of Taylor’s music. Some of this tracks are posted on his SoundCloud below & all his albums can be found on iTunes!

-bryce p.

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