Band to Watch: On An On


From the skittering drum patterns to each hazy synth line, Chicago based band On An On have built a collection of indie rock gems that encompass raw energy and dreamy textures. Give In, the trio’s debut album, thrives on heavy distortion, shimmering synthesizers, and subdued vocals. It’s an intriguing combination that makes way for big arena anthems or intimate listening sessions. Either way, Give In walks a fine line between two different worlds of emotion.


On An On was an act built by the dissolution of former band Scattered Trees, and the remaining members have taken the traditional indie rock formula and manipulated it into one powerful full-length debut. “Ghosts”, the album’s opening track, kicks in with echoing drum progressions, thumping guitar riffs, and eerie vocals providing an emotional push and pull experience. “Every Song” resembles an optimistic take on a love gone wrong. Filled with hushed dream-pop synth and brooding vocals, it flourishes with a feeling of satisfaction, even if it’s making your eyes water. In contrast to Give In’s emotionally heavy openers, “The Hunter” is not only the albums most essential track but it defines them as versatile indie rock act. Opening with glossy synthesized vocals and heavily distorted drums, its the kind of epic track thats built for big audiences and even bigger venues.

On An On’s debut full-length is a multifaceted musical endeavor taking the listener through an emotional roller coaster. Its an album fit for trashing your room, setting off explosions in your backyard, or getting over a bad break-up. Yet, the most intriguing element of Give In is that it provides an array of songs that can take your worries away or ignite them at the same exact time.


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