New Year, New Music

Before we bash out the new year with weekly album reviews, I wanted to emphasize some excellent tracks that we have been loving at KZUU. First up, Brighton-based producer Tourist entered the scene with his first EP early last year. This time around he offers up the track “Your Girl” which proves to be a perfect segue-way to the weekend. Sampling Aaliyah’s “If Your Girl Only Knew”, he builds them around the structure of the track creating a euphoric yet dreamy landscape of sound. While the tracks shimmering keyboards can be reminiscent of a powerhouse Avicii track, William Phillips (the man behind Tourist) aids the track with ambient synth and steady percussion ultimately crafting a sound that draws from nostalgia; forcing you to relive last nights party all over again.

London singer Josef Salvat has been blogged about obsessively this past week with the introduction of his catchy indie-pop single “This Life”.  It’s one of those tracks that you are consistently putting on repeat or obliviously blasting in your car. While Salvat’s brooding vocals wrap beautifully over a glitchy electronic beat, the slow moving production touches and stuttering vocals aid in an uplifting listener experience. It’s definitely a refreshing track to begin the year with.



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