Masta Killa/9th Wonder – Food

It’s gotten pretty tired, but at this point it’s safe to say Masta Killa will possibly always be the most underrated solo rapper in the Wu-Tang Clan. 2004’s No Said Date (his solo debut) was a borderline masterpiece, and of higher quality than any solo work in the Clan by MCs not named Ghost or Rae. With how great No Said Date was, you would think more people would mention it alongside other post-Millennial classics like Fishscale or Only Built 4 Cuban Linx pt. II. 

2004 was a long time ago however, and Masta Killa is gearing up for another LP set to be released on December 11th. Sell My Soul will feature production predominantly by Wu-Tang mainstay Mathematics, but sandwiched in the track listing is a nice cut with super-producer 9th Wonder. The beat is typical 9th — soul loops over boom-bap drums and 1/8th note hi hats. 9th Wonder has a talent for vocal samples and here he demonstrates it well. If “Food” is any indication, Masta Killa seems primed for a focused full-length. His voice has preserved itself better than his comrades as they all approach their mid-forties, and he’s always had an interestingly slower delivery that cuts down on the filler. Masta Killa is truly a rapper that chooses his words wisely. Check out some classic cuts below.


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