Unicorn Kid’s Rave Utopia

Since Rihanna and Azaelia Banks effectively killed the seapunk/net-art aesthetic by bringing it to the commercial realm (or so the internet’s subsequent meltdown would have you believe), there’s been a weird identity crisis going on. Scottish electronic musician Oliver Sabin, who releases music as Unicorn Kid, was an early member of the seapunk movement, releasing an EP last year titled Tidal Rave and a mixtape called Coral Reefer. He also spent a good part of 2011 opening for Owl City on a nationwide tour. Seriously.

Since then he’s stopped wearing the goofy lion hat and has been steadily releasing a stream of songs in a new direction, leading up to an upcoming 2013 debut album. His new material, “Feel So Real” in particular, is a bombastic blast of equal parts 90s rave and video game music, in particular some of the more intense tracks from Dance Dance Revolution or the soundtrack to Megaman Battle Network. It’s mostly a refreshing, honest, contemporary take on a style that is often seen as ironic or tongue-in-cheek.

– Adam

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